Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Channelesque re-release?

Now for a classic with a twist. China Glaze's Channelesque, to me the mother of all purplish taupes, or perhaps taupish purples, has been discontinued for quite a while. It's a beautiful, dusty, shade that appeals to so many of us, and therefore, almost just as many have been crying to have it back. Because, frankly, everyone should own a color like this, so everyone should be able to get it without spending the big bucks over at the evilbay. Just look:

My photos aren't the best, but I believe most of us are familiar with this one anyway. These were shot on a cloudy day, unfortunately.

However, the good news is that this polish will be re-released this spring! Can you imagine?! China Glaze proudly told us that they do listen, and we will just have to agree that in many ways this brand is among the most fanbase friendly.

The polish we used to know as Channelesque is being released again as part of the Anchors Away collection, but will be renamed to suit the theme of the collection, and will from now on be known as Below Deck.

I am really curious of how the new one will be compared to the original. Do you think we can expect an exact match, or will we be disappointed in this re-release?

According to China Glaze's twitter, they tried getting as close to the original as possible.

Photo of Anchors Away rack has been borrowed from All Lacquered Up.

Swedish word of the day:
kanel -noun cinnamon
Because for some reason that is what the word channel reminds me of... (I'm Swedish, okay?!)


  1. oh i hope hope it's the same because i haven't gotten the original yet. *crosses fingers*

  2. I really hope its a dupe! *manicured fingers crossed* :)

  3. I'd love to see a comp of Channelesque, Rimmel Steel Gray and that new one.

    Of course I have to admit, China Glaze puts out some rocking colors!

  4. This is great news! I hope it's going to be identical, though I don't really like the idea of changing the name. I think the name "Channelesque" was just perfect for this color.

  5. I have NO idea why they felt the need to rename it...I live on the Santa Barbara Channel...and there are boats all up and down it. Below Deck...another one for the "stupid polish names" blog. :)

  6. Channelesque is the only polish that I've used more than half a bottle of. Such a gorgeous color!

  7. :O wow! Lol and I JUST went and bought a CVS-brand dupe (Pro 10, "Showtime"). Pretty exact dupe, I think. Might still get this anyway, though - after all, it is Channelesque!

  8. Love my channelesque so I'll be getting a backup in the form of below deck ;)

  9. This is interesting. I have channelesque but haven't worn it for a while. One of the fall Essies also looks similar to it.

  10. This is great news! I have Chanellesque and sometimes I don't want to use it for fear that I will run out of it! I'm so happy China Glaze is bringing it back! KUDOS for China Glaze!

  11. I have the original (thanks to a lovely Croatian lady) and I can't wait to see Below Deck. Hope it will be as awesome as Chanellesque.

  12. If past experience dictates anything to us, I am inclined to believe that the re-release will be different - even if it's ever so slight. Re-releases have never been of the same formula, consistency or color, imo. This looks great on you!! I too am waiting for below deck no matter what the variation of the original may be!!

  13. kelliegonzo and Jackie S.: Me too! Anything else just isn't fair to those who do not own the original. :)

    Paillette: I'm sure we'll have plenty of comparisons made by many polish freaks when the first promo bottles of Below Deck will be sent out for review. Or at least I'm hoping- anything else would be criminal! :D By the time I'll have the China Glaze many will have had it before me, since I'm not receiving samples from them, and the Rimmel I don't have either, unfortunately (Rimmel isn't sold in Sweden as far as I know). I would say our best hope when it comes to purple taupe comparisons is the lovely MeganChair of Little Music Boxes! She has them all. :D

    Nola and Elizabeth: I agree with you. Then I started thinking... If they can not guarantee it's a one hundred percent accurate dupe of the original, maybe renaming is better. It's like when all out old favourite bands have lost all their original thought and even their original members, sometimes you feel they should have changed the band name too! Just compare this situation to the OPI My Private Jet one. OPI can't 100% dupe their own polish between batches, but refuse to confess and call about 4 or 5 different polishes "My Private Jet".

    whateveramber: I really do understand that! It's cool enough for cool chicks but still what I personally would label as office appropriate. Heck, I even wear these kind of colors while I'm working at the nursing home!

    Kacey: That sounds intriguing though! I'm curious. I'm always curious of anything I can't get ahold of in Sweden. :D

    Anonymous: You go girl! :D

    Millie: You're thinking of Merino Cool? I'm curious of how those compare, I haven't seen any comparisons yet!

    Kat: OPI should learn from them! ;D

    nihrida: What would we be without each other's kindness?! :)

    Audrey: I'm thinking the same. It's like what I answered Nola and Elizabeth a little further up in this comment: it could be like OPI My Private Jet. Totally differet versions, still they're claiming it's the same. So in a way renaming is maybe the best thing to do from China Glaze's side- and the comparisons will show if they were right to be precautious! :)


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