Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink insanity

I have been on a pink roll lately. I usually blame this on Ange-Marie. It wasn't until I saw Color Club Warhol on her blog that I caved and stashed up on pinkish polishes. Sure I had a few from before, but not that many.

Anyway, I decided to swatch a bunch of OPI pinks I borrowed some time ago. That's right. Pink polishes on alizarine claws! And you thought you'd never see the day... But hell didn't freeze over, the alizarine only turned 30.

I Pink I Love You. Sorry, no sun that day. Medium pink with different sized multicolored iridescent glitter. This one I got over at the nail tech's place while she was touching up my gel enhancements. It was sole punishment, since I showed up wearing OPI Fiercely Fiona. She was so appalled that she decided to do a color she knew was my antithesis. She dared me to wear it while walking home at least. And you know what? I was still wearing it the next day... And liked it.

Kinky In Helsinki. Borderlining berry I guess. Not something I'd normally wear. Yet.

La Paz-itively Hot Matte. Has been on my secret wishlist for a while now. I like this kind of hot pink. Hot pink lemmings are Ange's fault. Liked wearing this one. Liked applying it. Though, I do not own one single polish from the Matte collection. They just weren't all that, so I never bothered. Especially since they're infamous for craptastic wear.

La Paz-itively Hot Matte with topcoat. None of us can resist doing that! Although very pretty, I didn't like this polish this way. The topcoat transforms it into any damn hot pink. Or is this the color you refer to as fuchsia? I'm ignorant in this color field.

DS Perfection. Sultry stuff. Gorgeous, but made me feel like a granny. Wouldn't dry.

Valen-Time For Love. Another one I suppose is fuchsia, perhaps. Cute. But not really alizarine.

And this last one is for my friend Cammi...

Are You a Movie Star? The insanely glittery Asian special. (If you're not in East Asia you'll have to swap for it.) Sheer pink jelly packed with glitter. Severely hard to apply. Very thick and gluey, and as always I have a terrible problem getting the larger glitter to disperse all over the nail plate, and instead just manage to put it down close to the cuticle. I know this polish is kind of funny. But that is where it ends. I like it for the pure novelty factor only, and I don't think I would actually ever wear this, not even layered on top of another polish. But I treasure it anyway.

There you go. I just kind of vomited all over my blog. How did you like seeing pink polishes on my nails? And are you a pink polish person?

Swedish word of the night:
rosa -noun pink


  1. They all look lovely on you. I so want are you a movie star :)

  2. La Paz matte is one of my biggest lemmings. LOVE. I also realy like I Pink I Love You.

  3. Kinky in Helsinki is my favorite pink of all time and yes it's in big part due to the name, but I love the color as well!

  4. I started becoming obsessed with pink last winter. Mostly hot pinks, but I'm loving them now! You have SO many good ones here.

  5. That first OPI is lovely! I have been wanting the hot pink matte for so long, I think your swatches have convinced me to run down to Trade Secret and buy it.

  6. The pinks do look nice. (well, yea, I do like pink ;) ) I, for one, am not a matte person. However, this pink matte looks very fine. Enough to make me want to try it.

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes pink. You couldn't have told me that I'd be this way when I was in my 20's!!!

  7. I Pink I Love You and La-Paz are my favourites. Hot pink is the way forward and I just adore the glitter in the first one.

  8. love the pinks :)
    a lot of people posted pink polish yesterday!
    I love La Paz matte but I pink I love you is so cute :D

  9. Bah, jag får nog sluta läsa din blogg. Ännu en gång får du mig att bli shoppingsugen! :P

  10. Pinks are gorgeous on your hands, but I know what you mean, pinks are the last color I put on my hands! great post!

  11. rmcandlelight: There are some lovely Asian girls over at MUA who does CP swaps for AYAMS. :) And thank you! <3

    jbrobeck: Like vomiting after nomming strawberries! Muhaha.

    razberiswrl: I actually like La Paz even more now that I've tried it. Terrible. I have to restrain myself from getting it, since I never wear the same polish twice anyway. ;)

    Evil Angel: It's so easy for you. I mean, you're so cool, everything looks cool on you. Even granny colors. You're so cool even human feces would look good on you! LOL

    Nicole: I'm fearing becoming a pink person too. I always loathed pinks, but wearing them wasn't really all that terrible, you know?! But sadly, only one of the polishes in this post is mine, the others were only borrowed. :(

    Heather / Eyeconic: I love being an enabler! xD

    Kimberly: Yeah, you know, I do blame the fact that I recently turned 30! at 29, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink polish. :D

    Rebecca: You know what? I'm with you all the way on this one. :)

    Sarah B.: Really? How peculiar. :) I didn't notice- maybe we read entirely different blogs? ;)

    Emma: Hehe, enabling- I'm doin it rite. ;D

    Jackie S.: Thank you! And yes, this one was a bit hard for me, but an interesting frontier to conquer. :D


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