Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fiercely Fiona

Or perhaps Fugly Fiona..?

Well, at least this is a very different yellow. Not flattering at all. Looks like snot. Or pus. Cool in its own way, but not something to wear to a dream date.

Swedish word of the night:
snor -noun snot
Because I'm gross like that.


  1. lol!

    I kinda like it, but it does look a bit like snot...If you got a very very bad flu!

    But now I´m gointg to think "ewww" everytime I see this color!

  2. I never really liked this looks kind of like the yucky baby food I tried once out of curiosity...

  3. I thought the same thing! Gross minds think alike! :oP

  4. Haha, but the ugliness of it is what makes me like it.

  5. Love it, just ordered it, yup i am gross like that lol

  6. Don't hit me, but I think it's not *that* bad. XD And I take back what I said about acrylics. Your nails look pretty normal/natural and are beautiful. :*

  7. Jag gillar det! Alla fall på dina bilder. Sen vet jag inte om jag gillar så mycket att jag köper det, men helt klart är det ett lack jag skulle kunna tänka mig.

  8. Sarah B.: Maybe you'll have to get it and wear it yourself to get over the trauma! xD

    Ashley A.: It truly is a weird color. I'm a bit undecided myself. :)

    Evil Angel: \m/

    Arrianne: Haha, I know! I never buy yellows, but this one I had to get since it was so... weird. And ugly. Or different?

    Diana: I understand your thinking! xD

    nihrida: It's not that bad, but it definitely isn't what normal people would call flattering. xD On a separate note, it was yellowish in its application. Gluey and uneven still after three coats. :P And thank you. <3 This is what my nails looked like after I had removed the soak off lacquer, but still had the clear enhancements. In the post below with all the pinks, I have restored clear enhancements. It looks OK, but not like my naturals. :)

    Sminkan: Ibland måste man även ha saker bara för att ha dem. ;)

  9. I agree! When people started posting swatches of this I thought it look like snot. It's so ugly.

  10. I actually really like this color, more than I expected to before I tried it. On me it didn't look as bright though.

  11. Heather /Eyeconic: And still I'm a bit torn.. :) I love ugly stuff. xD

    Nailtastic: I tan way too easily, so even blacks look bright on me right now. LOL


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