Thursday, July 8, 2010

A quick reminder from alizarine!

May I have your attention please!

Only 56 30 more Google Friend Connect followers needed before I send off a bunch of polishes to one of you, my dears! So please help me spread the word. As I am one of those people who loves equality, I'm not offering you extra entries for this effort. Just the sole enjoyment of being a friendly person, and if you feel so, spreading the word about a blog you may find good enough to share with others. When the time has come, all of you will have equal chances of winning- no matter how popular you are or where on the planet you reside.

Retweet this status, call your friends, or tell your neighbor. These polishes and makeup products need a new home before fall is here!

Swedish word of the moment:
läppstift -noun lipstick
A lovely word indeed.


  1. I got you on my blogroll.Hope it helps :)

  2. Ria: Thank you, being on people's blorolls actually means a lot to me! :) <3

  3. You really are a cool person Feline. =) You're also on my blogroll.


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