Sunday, July 11, 2010

Orange-y insanity

I was rather productive the other day when I was swatching some pinks. When I was done with them, I also swatched some oranges. A color I don't wear very much either. But here they are.

OPI A Good Man-darin in Hard to Find. From the Hong Kong collection. Nice orange. Two coats.

OPI Flit a Bit. From the Summer Flutter collection. Judging from the rumors, a bit troublesome application. And yes, I believe this is actually three coats to even it out. I can't remember, all the swatching made my head spin.

China Glaze Japanese Koi. Neon from the INK collection that made my heart sing! It's truly cool, and I truly love it. Could be three coats due to that neon sheerness.

OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails. From their Las Vegas collection. The nice shimmer in this post. Could be three coats.

Color Club Tangerine Scream. From the Electro Candy collection. The naughty shimmer in this post. The fact that I own this is entirely Evil Angel's fault. The entire collection, a set of six as most of you know, has the same shimmer, an awesome iridescent aqua shimmer, in six different neon colors. Overall it's a fantastic neon collection and you should get at least parts of it. I think Tangerine Scream may be my favourite from it.

Swedish word of the morning:
orange -noun orange
Bet you didn't see that one coming huh?!


  1. OPI Flit a Bit är riktigt snygg, den åker in på min ska-köpa-någon-gång lista!
    Du råkar inte ha några nagellack med orange och glitter som du skulle kunna visa?

  2. All of these oranges are great and really suit you! You should definitely wear orange more often.

  3. Gem: Tro det eller ej, jag har bara ett enda orange glitter, och det hittar du här:

    Rebecca: Oh thank you! Maybe I should, then. :)

  4. Lovely! You look GREAT in orange! I only have one orange polish but when I wear it I always feels perked up! Fun colour to wear!

  5. I love them all! Hard to choose... Oranges are great for the summer when we have a tan!


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