Monday, June 28, 2010

Pedi post!

Yes, be warned!

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates recently. Over the last week I have been working at my new job, wrecked my nails, felt terribly inunspired, did something special for my nails, and last but certainly not least, I have a bunch of relatives visiting. So the blog had to suffer.

Tonight I thought I'd throw in a bunch of recent pedis, for those of you who aren't easily scared. The rest of you have probably backed away already. But you know, it's summer now, for real, even in little northern Sweden! And in heat, I'm comfortable in flipflops only, so I change more often than I do during the closed-toe-shoe season not to get bored!

First up, I treated myself to a vampy pedi with a color from the OPI Swiss collection- William Tell Me About OPI.

The Stöj supervised the photo shoot, as always.

And if you're wondering about those filed off corners on my big toe nails... Well, all I have to say is some shoes just are too tight!

My most recent pedi was this one:

Color Club What a Shock! Very summery. I have been rocking quite a few neons on my toes lately. It's just perfect for the season.

Here's an older one, that I had a little too much fun editing with the Lo-Mob app on my iPhone: Color Club Pucci-licious.

Loved this one! But it wouldn't stick to any lens no matter what. So effing it up in Lo-Mob actually made it look the closest to reality. How weird is that?!

And while we're at it with the iPhone photos, here are some random bonuses:

My workplace. An old noble summer house. Restored and rebuilt a million times, but still a disaster working environment wise. This photo was shot with my favourite iPhone photo app Hipstamatic.

This is just a random scenery on my way home from work. Love the Swedish summer! The summer here, which lasts for a maximum of three months, is the reason why us weird northern folks endure the terribly long winters...

Swedish word of the night:
gräs -noun grass
Because it's finally green again.


  1. You has cute tootsies! Love those colors and I want your studded sandals!

  2. I want to move to sweden...
    such wonderful landscapes...!

  3. What a beautiful commute you have. Love the pedicure posts. Your toenails look fantastic.

  4. I think more people should post pedicures. Maybe it would help with feets status, which otherwise seems to be just above nostrils.
    Poor feet really.

    And I am not just saying that because you have good feet and nice pedicures.

  5. pucci-licious looks awesome on your piggies! so cute! and Wow! Sweden is GORGEOUS! too bad I'll never get to see it in person, so I vote more sweden pics! Just like I bug Sasa for more pics of castles and her bees =)

  6. Love the pedi pics! That vamp color is awesome!

  7. Evil Angel: Thank you darling! <3 But you don't want the sandals. They're made of craptasticness. Falling apart in molecules!

    Sarah B.: You don't want to unless you love cold weather. ;)

    DesertNails8: Thank you so much. <3

    schmut: Feet can be sooo cute. I love a great pair of feet! I don't get the phobia some seem to suffer from, but I try respecting it. And help with a little healthy therapy...

    Scandalous: Who says you're not going to see Sweden?! The sky is the limit, my dear friend. ;)

    Jackie S.: I should do a blue pedi as a hommage to you. ;)

  8. Warning unwarranted.

    Your toes are lovely! :)

  9. You've got spectacularly beautiful feet!!! Would I ever love to spend a weekend playing with those cute toes and having some fun:)


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