Monday, June 28, 2010

Glitters XII

I did not forget about you Sanna- of course I didn't forget about any of you -so here is another shitload of glitters! Tonight, my blue ones. Please magnify by clicking the pictures.

Miscellaneous blue glitters: China Glaze Blue Sparrow, BB Couture Sea of Cortez, BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan, OPI Midnight Blue Glitter.

Silver glitter in blue base: Omega Labs 5 Stars Silvery Blue, China Glaze Dorothy Who?, Essie Starry Starry Night.

Very different blue glitters: Barielle Junebug, Barielle Falling Star.

Chunky glitters: China Glaze Luna, Creative Magic, China Glaze Blue Hawaiian, Claire's Chunky Blue.

Gold-in-blue glitters: Zoya Charla, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, OPI Reflecting Pool, OPI Absolutely Alice.

And the flakie finale: Sinful Colors Blue Ocean, Nfu Oh 53, Sinful Colors Deep Blue Ocean, Nfu Oh 52.

And yet I'm not done with the glitters...

Swedish word of the evening:
släkting -noun relative, family member
Because my place is full of 'em right now.


  1. i like it gotta get the sinful flakies-$ right

  2. oooh- you've got stary stary night?
    you've got real gems in you stash :D

  3. I'm coming over to steal them all, just so that you know. Gorgeous! I need more polish!

    Have you recieved Cedar Green yet, btw?

  4. I love the Sinfuls, OPI Midnight Blue Glitter Creative "Magic" and of course the Essie. I think the OPI has the simplest OPI name Ive ever seen. LOL!

  5. Sanna: Yes, I did. ;) Saving it until... Well... Another day. Lol

  6. You haz Reflecting Pool and SSN. Lucky!


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