Friday, June 11, 2010

A long time lemming: Barielle Junebug

I immediately put this one on my wishlist as photos of it started to circulate on the interwebZ, but since it's a pain in the rear end to get Barielles over to Sweden in decent time after the release of new shades, I asked my dear friend Monica of wixology to pick it up for me. And since she's a sweetheart, she did!

I tried it on a little while ago. Such a long time lemming won't stay in the untrieds drawer for long! Actually, it was the first polish I tried from the huge pile of gorgeous American lacquers Monica sent me. Look (at my not very great photos)!

In the detailed photos you can tell what the glitter that's below the surface appears like. And I can't decide if this polish is pure awesomeness or looks like herpes. Maybe both?

However, I have to say this polish had the worst formula I've used in quite a long time. It's not just thick, it's überthick, gluey and was really painful to apply. This is two thick coats shown, as thin coats wasn't even possible to get on. I should have brought out my bottle of thinner, but I felt lazy, and for that I payed the price, I'll tell you.

One thing about those really thick and gluey formulas, also known as "heavy pigmented" or sometimes "opaque" (those aren't necessarily always thick and gluey though), is that they also seem to chip like crazy- FAST. This sweetheart peeled off in less than 12 hours, of which I spent most asleep! I painted my nails late at night, went to bed, woke up the next morning, took a shower and then the peeling began. Before I had even made it to daycare with my dear daughter, this manicure was heavily compromised.

Another thing is that Barielle themselves describe this one as a baby blue with fuchsia glitter. It has got fuchsia glitter alright, but if that color is baby blue, I'm Baby Ruth. (Am I?) It is a nice, dusty light blue, probably what some would call slate blue (and you know I love those!), and I really think Barielle should also mention the gorgeous aqua shimmer! Plus, there are also traces of silver glitter here and there. Not sure if it's supposed to be there, but after a quick look at the All Lacquered Up swatches, I came to the conclusion it's at least not just one single batch of contaminated polishes. Either way, I knew what it looked like beforehand, and I knew I needed it, and now I'm happy I got it!

I should really try it again after adding some thinner...

Swedish word of the afternoon:
skalbagge -noun beetle
Because I understand a junebug is one?


  1. I love this one and dont even own it. Youre not helping my no buy but I think I need to go on and get this.

  2. It really looks lovely on you, my friend! I only wish it's loveliness was longer-lasting...=/

    Your close-ups make it look so magical! All that glitter, shimmer and shine- otherworldly! <3

  3. I just ordered this. So excited but scared about the crappy formula!

  4. This is such a beautiful polish! Can't wait til' I get my bottle. Sorry to hear about formula, but I suppose it's worth the trouble. :-)

  5. Herpes??? LOL!
    This is fab! FAB! <3

  6. *whispers* I don't like this shade.

  7. ha! your commentary cracks me up.

    i thought it was weird when it first came out, then i started to like it, but based on your review i am gonna skip it! thanks!


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