Friday, June 11, 2010

Layering China Glaze Snow Globe

After I posted it in one of my glitter stash posts earlier, Sanna wanted to know what China Glaze Snow Globe is like, so I made a special layering wheel for her. Maybe Sanna isn't the only one who's curious!

I chose to layer Snow Globe over different shades of blue. In retrospect I think I should have done a better job diggin' out even more colors, such as a pastel baby blue and a light-medium blue, as well as a nude. But anyway, here goes:

Snow Globe over: "white" (wheel color), OPI Give Me The Moon!, Misa It's Electric, Misa A Sin Worth Committing, and a standard black creme.

Please magnify to view in detail.

Hope you feel a little bit wiser now, Sanna!

Swedish word of the moment:
lager -noun layer, coat
Because, obviously.


  1. I do indeed. Thanks for thanking your time to do that, it's really pretty!

  2. I love it over the black.

  3. i love this polish, it was one of my first "specialty glitters" please don't ask how many i have...


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