Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A grape gem

Look at my NOTD! It was so pretty that I broke all rules and wore it to work. (Let's just say I'm far from the only one at my work who does that.)

Concord Grape was one of the polishes I got from ebay recently, when a couple of sellers were cleaning out their inventories because of all the suing here and there. I don't remember how much I payed for it, but I'm sure it was worth it. I love it. Love.

I have three OPI New England polishes that I all got on separate occations.

Mystic Moonshine, Concord Grape and Greenwich Green.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about how to tell real OPI polishes from fake ones. Supposedly there are many details from which you can tell, and people have been freaking out because they have started to believe they got fakes, and maybe payed quite a penny for them on ebay too. Some, on the other hand, say the fake warnings are totally uncalled for and that the number of fake polishes on the market are way exaggerated.

All my New England OPIs look the same. I pulled one of them out recently to check for all the details that are supposed to be there, and at first thought I had a fake because the volume information on the front was stated in the wrong order and without the capital L in ml (which is weird in the first place, but that is OPI's problem and not mine). Then I compared them and saw that they all looked the same. Since I have bought all three on separate occations from different sellers, that I all trust highly, my belief is that my bottles are legit ones, and that the whole discussion about all the fakes is blown out of porportion.

See the details on my Mystic Moonshine?

All three bottles look the same. So, if you think you have fake polishes, don't worry. Fewer than you may think really are fakes! How do you feel about the recent discussions? Please leave a comment!

Swedish word of the night:
piratkopia -noun bootleg
Because... Well.


  1. I'm not a trophy-hunter. I have a very few OPI. All genuine. A couple are fabulous. A couple of duds.
    I'm not going to stress about fakes.
    Grape is definitely fabulous.

  2. I think all the recent hype about fake OPIs is a little uncalled for. Usually the fake OPIs are REALLY obvious, like crazy glitter colors that OPI never made or OPI names with the wrong color in the bottle. Now everyone is like "OMG bottle is different I haz fake OPI!!" lol

  3. I really like the colours you bought. Mmmmm deadly black-labels. ^.^

  4. oh i love a good chemically OPI! i have never seen such a pretty swatch of this color until today! *goes and updates wishlist*

  5. I don't know if I'd care if I had a fake...maybe if I paid through the nose for it, but I'd probably do that for the colour rather than the name. I am not bothered about brands to be honest!

  6. jaljen: Trophy hunting among polish collecting is really proof of something gone wrong, isn't it? I thought we were all into this polish thing because of the PRETTY COLORS. :D

    Scrangie: I totally agree with you. Since I'm a modest person (ahem) I usually leave to other people to be the experts, but still try to find out for myself. And I have now come to the exact same conclusion. Haha! In fact, I believe I don't have any fake OPIs at all. Any business that has been around for such a long time has packaging renewal from time to time, and for certain periods that happens often!

    Skulda: Oh yeah baby! This one was pungent and nice, dried fast and applied evenly. Black labels... <3

    jbrobeck: Sorry about the enabling! Lol

    Rebecca: I agree with you. I do this horrific collecting thing because I like PRETTY COLORS. Lol! That is why I sometimes want the cheapo drugstore brands polishes more than anything else! I even broke all rules and accepted polishes from Walmart. Hahaha.

  7. I don't really care about OPI. Their formula sucks because they chip on me so easily. And don't get me started about the price... 14€ here in Slovenia. Yeah, right. Essence is 2€ and the quality is WAY better.

  8. nihrida: I get the OPIs to work on me if I use a proper base, and multiple thin coats of shimmers stay put better! But they're not my top pick for durability either. Doesn't matter though, I change often enough. xD

  9. I think everyone freaking out is funny. I don't care if the bottle's different as long as it's the correct color.


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