Saturday, June 5, 2010

Glitters II

Today: light and sheer glitters. All very nice. Don't forget that you may magnify any photo to view it in detail. With the glitters, you definitely should.

Misa Confection Section, NYX Graffiti, China Glaze Snow Globe, Nfu Oh 40 (decant sent to me by the lovely Dutch tulip Roze), Creative Limelight, and Maybelline Icy Mauve.

Swedish word of the night:
träningsvärk -noun delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle fever
Because I can feel it coming after working on my dad's allotment all day...


  1. Limelight....droooooooolllllll!

  2. What's Snow Globe like? I've been thinking of getting it... ;)

  3. A decant! I've had perfume decants but varnishes? What a good idea!

  4. Sanna: I'll do some special wheel swatches for you soon. ;)

  5. You're the best! Thanks! :)

  6. You're so lucky to have Limelight...


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