Friday, June 4, 2010

Blame it on Misa

Yeah, blame the fact that these photos aren't color accurate on Misa, who made this saturated green that my camera hated just as much as all the other trending polish colors!

Blame it on Fat Tuesday is very pretty though. Even though I own hella lotta greens, this one is unique in my collection. The lighting conditions alter it, so that it in some lights lean more emerald or even slightly blue-tinged, and in others is more kind of BAM straight to the point green.

The two colors that it reminded me of, was New York Summer Amaranth and OPI Jade is the New Black, of which none is more than remotely close. I turned out to love this more than I had expected. And speaking of what to expect, I really had expected a weird formula, judging from some of the earlier reviews of the whole collection this polish belongs to, but it turned out to be just fine. Even though it wasn't perfect, it wasn't really that bad.

The photos above have been color corrected. I tried getting as close to the real color as possible, but nowadays you all know what these ones are like: just plain impossible to catch. So it may be different from what you are now expecting.

By the way, I hate my nubbins.

And just because this is another really crappy post, quality-wise, I just have to throw in a few snapshots I managed the other day. I went into my closet because I had some business with my polish stash- as usual -and then I noticed something was a bit different in there. Can you find anything slightly off with this photo?

And no, it's not about all the 2975072902740176 boxes I still haven't unpacked since we moved back and forth almost two years ago!

Look what I found...

There's a bug of some kind yawning in my old 70's beverage crate where I keep my shoe shine stuff!

Oh. Just the Stöj.

Swedish word of the evening:
kissemiss -noun kitty cat
Because the ones we love the most have many names.


  1. ooooooooh i love the word of the day! and now, I must kick you, because I wasn't gonna buy ANy nail polish today, an now I'm going to go order that Misa. I mean I needed the whole collection I was just putting it off, but now, bc of this frickin post, I'm gonna go buy it. Now. >.<

  2. Oh that is beyond the pretties!
    I love the kitteh in the crate!

  3. i really love the word of the day too! and that green is right up my alley, as you have named my two fav greens!

  4. Det där är en grön jag inte skaffat till min samling. Avskräckt av alla som sagt formulan är dålig. Men kanske den får komma hem till mig också i framtiden efter detta.

    Stöj är supersöt!

  5. Scandalous: Hehe, I'm sooo proud of my huge impact! xD

    Sminkan: Ja, så får jag skämmas sedan om du hatar formulan. ;)


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