Sunday, May 16, 2010

Check matte

Matte perfection: Zoya Savita. Needed some work, but now we're steady. Three coats:

Only a short while ago, the news about the death of Ronnie James Dio went out. He lost his battle against stomach cancer early this morning, at the age of 67. Music has lost one of its most important developing figures. Not to mention, the person who is most often credited with "inventing" the \m/ sign among metal fans all over the world.

To lighten things up a bit, here's something cute:

Swedish word of the night:
dödlighet -noun mortality
Because the rate for life is 100%.


  1. Lovely swatch, and so sad to hear about dio :(

  2. oh and fastest second comment ever - I notice you're swede based - is there anywhere you can recommend for getting opi online here - I'm most likely too late, but needing me some mad as a hatter. :/


  3. Wow, that's an amazing colour! Very pretty. Sad news - a Hero is gone.

  4. Emybloom: It's no cheaper than in the stores, but if it's an availability problem, you can always get OPIs at However, I'm sorry to say there are no Alice stuff there, as I believe they were never released in Sweden at all. :/

  5. I found out about Dio just yesterday. Being at my BF's is really hard on me. :/
    Stöj looks adorable!

  6. So sad about RJD. Cancer fucking sucks.


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