Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wanna save a few bucks?

Then just take a quick look.

Color Club High Society, American Apparel Mouse.

Reverse order. (Sorry.)

And we all know that the Color Club formula isn't that far behind those of some of the more buttery, expensive brands.

Swedish word of the day:
kopia -noun copy
Because some are of others.


  1. Pretty hard to tell the difference! Thanks for the comparison.

  2. Wow i really can't tell the difference.

  3. THANK YOU! *crosses AA off the list*

  4. Pardon, but I have no clue - which one is the cheaper one?

  5. schmut: Sorry, I was in such hurry yesterday and was too empty-headed to formulate sentences while I was about to post. xD Color Club i a typical cheap brand. You get them for $2,49 at Transdesign. However, Color Clubs also have great formula and good pigmentation! The American apparel polish is €7 for us Europeans. The formula is flawless and my personal favourite of ALL brands, but when there are dupish colors, you may just as well be fne with the Color Club. :)


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