Friday, April 9, 2010

Doing other peeps' nails

My interest in nails and its related areas is big enough for me to enjoy doing my friends' nails, every chance I get. There are three girls whose nails I frequently manicure. I thought I'd show you how different that can be!

First up is my neighbor Kajsa. A very busy business owner, whose hands are exposed to everyday wear and tear. Like most of us up here in the North, she has a bit of cuticle dryness, but otherwise, she has absolutely gorgeous nails, that are easy to manicure. She is due to her work a sheers gal, and I seldom do more than a lightly sparkly manicure on her. She enjoys the occational holo though, when she's heading out to the dance floors. And she's in love with the white and opal stars found in the old NYX Girls Special Glitter line. I believe I'm almost solely responsible for the shaping of her nails.

Sure you can tell this gal used to be a hand model?! This is her with sugar on top. I mean, Sally Hansen Crystal Blueberry.

Second, a very dear friend, Anne over at Anne's Food, with whom I frequently meet for a home cooked lunch, some cookies and a manicure (and kids playing). She has not only developed from a fan of a classic polish colors, into a lover of daring turquoises and purples, she is also taking the plunge into the ocean of nail polish collecting and addiction. And, she is in the midst of trying to reshape her nails, from her old comfort style into a more square shape, so give her a little love for her bravery!

This is the manicure we did yesterday, which is Nubar Sandstone- Anne is in a taupes love affair right now. However, her personal nail tech (that being me) is not entirely satisfied with this manicure, as this polish was very difficult to get even and left bald spots even at the second coat. I have done far prettier paint jobs for Anne before, in various colors!

Also check out Sandra, another of my friends that has an entirely different taste in nail colors than I do, as she is now on the high of the pretty pastels we've almost been choked to death with this spring. Sandra has lovely oval nails, but she works a lot with cat shows, where she is constantly desinfecting her hands and the surfaces by the judge's table. Anyone who have done so, including myself lately when I was wiping the asses of the elderly, knows it takes its toll on both the nails and the cuticles. Due to this, Sandra had complete breakage lately, but I really do think she has adorable nubbins and wears them very well!

This is Orly Lemonade. I was really dreading putting this one on- c'mon, it's yellow and pastel, can it get any worse? And since I don't wear colors like these myself, I haven't had very much practice in application of them. But with three coats and a nice cleanup, it ended up very nice, I have to admit! I believe Sandra was very happy with this one. :)

Do you do your friends' nails on a regular basis?

Swedish word of the day:
manikyr -noun manicure
Because that one wasn't very hard, was it?


  1. I very rarely do other people's nails - although a lot of ladies at work ask/joke about it. When I do get around to it, I try to always post them as Guest NOTDs, but the only person I do on a regular basis is my friend Tee. My mom's nails are also often on my blog, but the majority of the time she does her own (using my polish!) - although I did a water marble on her for her 60th bday. The only other person I've ever done was my aunt, & it was just the addition of some Konad to her existing mani, not a full job by me.

    It's fun but a little stressful - they'll always say "Oh, do whatever you want" but I want my "clients" to be happy =)

  2. I suck at doing other peoples nails. That's the main reason why I don't do it at all. Nice work, Feline!

  3. I loved this post. I like to see other people's hands - how different we all are! I like feet too - I'm not a foot-fetishist or anything but I don't see the problem with feet...
    The only thing that does freak me a bit is looooooong nails. I wish someone would let me loose on their nails but I'm considered a bit wild and weird so nobody has trusted me.......yet.

  4. i've done a few of my friend's nails a couple of times, and they love it! i just have a hard time getting them to wait until the polish is dry...

  5. I always paint other people's nails. I used to do my mom's when she was alive, I do my sister's when she lets me, etc.


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