Saturday, April 3, 2010

Like space

Oh, finally! you'll say, finally, I'm posting another NYX Girls from the new line. I present to you, Frizz Spots.

Daylight. My camera wouldn't obey me and focus on my ring, the way I usually do it, apologies for that.


All in focus.

And a closeup.

This is three rather thick coats. I let it all dry well between coating, approximately ten minutes. I wasn't entirely sure it would dry properly anyway, as the case often is with glitter polishes, but I was in for a very nice surprise, and this manicure did set well after a couple of hours on my butt in front of the computer.

It is kinda lovely, don't you think?

Swedish word of the day:
stjärnhimmel -noun starry sky
Because this one kind of looks like one.


  1. I like it on you. But not enough to want it for me. =) Isn't that nice? Btw: Thanks for helping me out yesterday! :*

  2. I love it! Har också Frizz Spots, kunde inte sluta titta på mina naglar när jag bar det. :)Fast jag var för otålig och körde layering med svart. :)


  3. I love it. Not something I would normally pickup, but it looks great on.

  4. It's what funky chunky should have been, I like it!

  5. lovely glitter...although I don't really care for the brown base :(

  6. nihrida: Aww, that was nothing, not sure I even did help you really. :/ <3

    Lina: Blev det lika läckert i bara ett lager? :) Jag kan inte heller sluta titta, och jag kan ju dessutom leta glitter längre ner under lagrena. xD

    Elizabeth: Yes! Why won't any other companies put out a good dupe? Imagine this one with the black glittah! O.o

    Emma: It is black, I promise. :) It just appears brown on top of flesh tone... :D I don't think it looks brown at all, in reality. :)


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