Friday, April 2, 2010

A closer look: the greens stash I

Uh-oh. Now you get to see a shitload green bottles. In the first part, we'll take a look at the colors borderlining green.

All photos I'll be posting are available in somewhat bigger versions if you click them.

The teal greens. Nubar Conserve, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, and Nubar Earth. Notable is that I left out a couple that are really in the same color group, namely LA Girls Rock Star Head Banging, which is identical to Watermelon Rind, and also Color Club Rule Breaker. Why? I don't know. I am not really cool with these being labelled as greens, but the Nubars were both part of the Going Green collection, and Watermelon Rind is really close to them, so I thew them in.

The mint greens. OPI Pawlish in Bow Wow!, and H&M Dollar Green.

The impossible to photograph ones, saturated, borderlining neon. Color Club Wild Child, and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. But you would think it's Flyin' High from this photo...

The rest? Stay tuned.

Swedish word of the day:
mättad -adjective saturated


  1. The first three are clearly green... are you color blind? LOL =) I know what you mean...sometimes I don't know where to put my polishes: blue or green, purple or pink... Thank goodness I don't own any corals. =)

  2. Hej, hört talas om Nailmail? =)
    Underbara reklambilder du hittade nedan förresten!!

  3. Green *sigh*. The perfect nail polish colour. I own WAY too many greens but I'm still buying more!

  4. nihrida: Yes, teal greens. ;D And no, I'm not color blind, in fact I am the daughter of a lady who scored tops in color theory @ university. ;)

    Karin: Yes, har beställt en gång också. ;)

    Alisa: I know that feeling. :D


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