Saturday, April 24, 2010


The post tonight is about a franken I have been working on for a couple of days. I got so inspired by MeganChair over at Little Music Boxes, whom incidently has her 30th birthday today (congrats, Megan!), when she posted her franken Siberians Rule! the other day. It was so pretty that I wanted to make my own. However, after putting it together like Megan described, by blending OPI's Princesses Rule! and Siberian Nights, I didn't feel entirely done. I wanted to make a very greyed out purple, even more so than the typical ones we have seen ever since Parlez-vous OPI?, so I added quite an amount of Nubar Stronghold, and darkened it a little further with a drizzle of a black creme.

This was two coats, but it wasn't really sufficient, so I have added another coat since the photo was shot. However, the color is pretty much accurate.

What do you think? Hit or miss? If it is a hit, what should I name it?

Swedish word of the night:
jordgubbe -noun strawberry
Because I'm having strawberry rooibos tea right now.


  1. Hit i really like it :)
    'Draw me a picture'
    Cos it looks kinda like pencil lead in a good way

  2. Perfection! My brain is slush right now so I'm no help on a name. Sorry!

  3. Hey, that's really pretty! Maybe I'll add some grey to mine, too. I think I like yours better. :o)

  4. I love it! My name vote is: "Tsarina"

  5. "Princess Knight" I like that because of the blend, and the play on stronghold and night (in Siberian Nights.)
    Princess Knight was an old anime cartoon I watched when I was a kid. She was the girl's cartoon that ran opposite Speed Racer when I was little and living in Hawaii. Princess Knight was kick ass!

  6. Purple Princess? But I think Tsarina and Princess Knight are better. If I have to vote, I'm not voting for my suggestion, LOL.
    I gave you an award because you're awesome!

  7. Thank you all for all the positive response, and the name suggestions! :) <3

  8. Nice! I love how mysterious it is, its kinda purple, but gray with shimmer and little creamy...great franken! I like "Princess Knight"....its so bad ass!

  9. This is a total hit! But I've no idea what to name it.


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