Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A grey is a grey is a grey...

Or is it?

I recently realised I was seriously lacking grey cremes. I had two or three, and all were slightly tainted, not pure grey. I had to do something about this and got a shitload of new ones.

The ones I had before, was Essie Chichilly and Ciaté Vintage. I also thought I had an oldie from H&M, called Dusty, and yes, I had it, but when looking closer, I saw it is actually a shimmer, ever so slightly.

Neither Chinchilly or Vintage are truly grey. I categorize both of them as greys, but Vintage is leaning green, and Chinchilly is borderlining taupe. Just for funsies I wanted to check out how others perceive it, so I did a search on, and then clicked the images to see under which category different users had uploaded their swatches of it. Most swaches were filed under Black, Charcoal and Grey, but some were filed under Taupe. I really think either is correct and purely a matter of fact that any beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Long story short, since it turned out class was cancelled today (which I of course found out after I got there- luckily I live only a five minute walk away from the classroom), I'm home, comparison blogging in your favor, my dear friends!

Let's take a look at all the greys I have obtained.

Lighter: Essie Chinchilly, Nubar Barricades, Mavala Berlin, China Glaze Recycle.

Darker: Mavala New-York, Nubar Stronghold, Ciaté Vintage, Mavala Minsk.

The Mavalas were gifted to me by my beloved friend Lina, of the Swedish makeup blog I karusellens öga! The Nubars were, in combination with Knight's Armor, the only ones I bothered getting from the Fortress collection.

Here they have all been painted up on wheel, like always:

Same order as the bottles above, and in the sun.

And with flash.

As you can see, they are all very different! If you're a lover of grey cremes, the risk of getting dupes is not as obvious as it may seem, actually. Some are warmer, some colder, some greener, some bluer. Either you have a favourite kind that matches your skin tone, or you're just like me and always appreciate a good grey, there is plenty to choose from!

Do you still enjoy my comparisons? If you have any wishes, I would do my best to help, so please let me know if you're curious about how polishes in any certain color group compares. Though, I do not own many pinks or nudes... ;)

Swedish word of the day:
betong -noun concrete
Because it was the most apparent choice today...


  1. Oo i like 16 & 17 :)
    Maybe do turquoise or pale blues ?

  2. Comparisons are always good. Thank you

  3. I love the comparisons ... I rarely have time to do any myself so it's great to see on other blogs =)

  4. Great comparison....what is this Mavala you talk about? I've never heard of it!!!!!


  5. vegesauras: I believe I have done a comparison of medium turquoise blues, if that's helpful. :) Not entirely sure I have that many pale blues, but I'll check to see what I can come up with!

    yardsticks: Mavala is a Swiss brand commonly sold here in Europe. :) They have only mini bottles of 5 ml, in mostly classic colors, but every now and then they throw out a more "daring" collection...

  6. how about a PINK comparison ;) hahahahaha xoxo

  7. Scandalous: Oh, you can have a comparison of the like 3 pinks I own, for sure! xD

  8. I have "CG Recycle", but I really think I need to add "Nubar Stronghold"..great comparison!

  9. I bought CG Recycle the other day and I love it. I really have a thing for greys right now.

  10. godmorgon! Jag följer dig på bloglovin så följ gärna mig, ha en bra dag! kram

  11. I just realised how much are swedish and slovene language alike. Your word for concrete is betong, our word is beton.
    Fotograf is also our word for photographer. =)


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