Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grey ashes and polish

Hi darlings! I'm posting today, even though I just edited a bunch of photos and they were all... Crappy. To say the least. Which makes me very embarassed, since I decided to sit up on a gigantic horse and post about photography techniques the other day. I'm very happy about the amount of positive response I got, and yesterday I even found that my white balance posts had been mentioned on Getcha Nails Did. Thank you so much for that, Brooke!

I don't know why my photos have turned out so terrible over the last week, I have to look into that. But I hope that in the meantime you will bear with me!

Onto today's biz. Over the last months, I have done a couple swaps with a lovely young lady in Hong Kong, which, of course, lead me to get my dry little hands on some local polishes! I think that some of you know, that I totally get off on local and regional stuff. I just love seeing what the world around me has to offer; things that I have never before seen or held in my hands, and definitely never thought I would have the privilege to own.

I have swapped for a popular Asian OPI glitter, and a fantastic green, yet, I'm showing you one of the awesome extras I got. It's from a brand called Clatty, and like accustomed in Asia, the polish doesn't have a name, only a number, and that number is 373.


Okay, okay, crappy photo. But still. This is a gunmetal grey shimmer, with a little twist! Immediately when I unwrapped this beauty I saw the twistiest about the twisty stuff...

Let's look at my crappy NOTD photos.

Could you see it? It's almost invisible, but it's there. It is! I swear.

How about now?! Did you see it? This lovely shimmer does not only contain gold, but also... Blue! Sparse blue shimmer. This makes this color extra intriguing. In some light, it looks warm, due to the golden shimmer. In other lights, it's cool! And it is absolutely beautiful. I promise you!

However, maybe not that easy to get ahold of if you're outside Hong Kong, but on the other hand, if that is where you're located, go out hunt for this! I have no idea if this brand is easy to find in Hong Kong, or if it's a weirdo one kind of, but I don't really care. I'm in love and that is all that matters to me.

On a separate note, my hometown is weirdly quiet this weekend. The infamous ash cloud, that flew off from Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland, has forced the Civil Aviation Administration to close down all air traffic. Since I happen to live underneath the take-off and landing routes of two of the three runways at Arlanda, the international airport of Stockholm, I'm used to air plane noises every damn minute. But now... None. From thousands of planes passing by every day, to... none! This is a very different town right now. The worst part is, I like it.

This image has been totally stolen from the Huffington Post.

Swedish word of the day:
aska -noun ashes
Because there is some, apparently.


  1. Whoa! I love your new polish! Yeah, air traffic is dead here too.

  2. This color is beautiful. I am insane over polishes from far away places, not sure why but I am.

  3. That would suck to live near an airport. It'd drive me fucking crazy.

  4. Great color, I love the understated blue shimmer...awesome!


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