Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ten things that make me happy!

The always lovely Nihrida tagged me for this little adventurous list. I am not yet sure I will be able to come up with ten things!

  1. HOME I just love being there.
  2. THE NEW GENERATION NUCLEAR FAMILY Yes, I have one. My 3 year old daughter is the most precious thing in my life, and she also has a father, of course. And we have a cat...
  3. CATS I just love kittehs. Only one lives with me now, but I have had quite a few, and I have been volunteering in cat shelters, and used to do the same for Sweden's largest web site about cats.
  4. ANIMALS in general- dogs and whatever cute critters I may find crossing my path.
  5. THE LIVING People, animals, little bugs, trees, flowers... I just love nature itself, and have no problem finding beauty in it!
  6. THE DEAD Strange as it may sound, I am one of those who feel it's important to remember the ones who are no longer wirh us. I am not in any way religious, but I have a strong fascination for the historical, people, events, just the time that has passed. Museums and biographies FTW!
  7. ARCHITECTURE Historical buildings rock my boat.
  8. STIMULI Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting all things nice in life.
  9. FOOD Cooking and eating it. It just makes life so much nicer.
  10. COLOR Yes, seriously. I am very esthetically sensitive- colors must be in the right places and in the right combinations. The nail plate is a good place.

I tag the following:
Anne of Anne's Food
Lina of I Karusellens Öga
Monica of Wixology

You may answer as and if you wish.


  1. Oh, I love your list! I'm with you on that having a strong interest in history thing.

  2. We'd get along just fine! *imagines: visiting european cities together, learning about history and art and architecture* No one in my family is as nuts about visiting cities as I am. And nuts about cats either. I consider myself to be an esthetic person also - I'm in love with everything beautiful.

  3. "and she also has a father, of course."


    Of course, this meens that I do exist 8)

    I am soooo happy ;)

    Just keep your hands off _my_ nails. 8)


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