Friday, March 5, 2010

Red cremes comparison

Oh yeah, I love red cremes, for more than one reason. And a red creme is pretty much the only classic shade I'll wear on a regular basis. In fact, I am doing one later tonight!

Above is the bunch I have. I am planning on getting more... There is couple of shades I am lemming at the moment, that I will probably be getting soon. But of course I did not have the patience to wait with a comparison... I made this one a couple of weeks ago, and after reading MeganChair's Little Music Boxes just moments ago, I remembered I had all this prepared but had forgotten to post it! If you haven't checked out MeganChair's comparison yet, you should, she has some colors I don't- and of course, she always swatches the colors on her own nails.

Below I have sorted them by bottle color...

First, look how they appear at one coat only. This is the best way to tell how cool or warm a red color really is.

Oops! Suddenly, I remembered I had another one I had forgotten to put in... Luckily, it is among the darker ones, so I just added it to the very right, even though it is a tad lighter than its left sister.

And here is the finished product! Yes, I have forgotten to watermark and number all these photos, and honestly, I am way too lazy to do something about it at the moment, so you'll just have to imagine the numbers as follows:

1. OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
2. H&M Brick Red
3. OPI The Thrill of Brazil
4. OPI Keys to My Karma
5. China Glaze Sacred Heart
6. Misa Cherry Topping
7. OPI Got the Blues for Red
8. Essie Happy Hour
9. China Glaze Ravishing Dahling
10. Essie Wicked
11. IsaDora Midnight Red

I wish I remembered how many coats this is. But I have a feeling I applied three, since it's my general rule, and reds are usually so well pigmented not even the jellies need a fourth coat.

And just to be on the safe side, let's also add a photo of this wheel in full flash lighting.

Do you like red cremes? I know many do, but I also know there are a few out there who don't care for a color which is subject to all the inflation red is. Well, at least red has my vote for the most wearable classic color!

Also, I am now done with the ass wiping! Now I'll binge biotin and polish my nails away! As soon as they are in some kind of presentable, decent condition, I'll start showing you my infamous angled NOTD shots again. I have already put all my facial junk back where it belongs, but man do I look weird! Only four weeks, and I have already forgotten how I used to look.

Swedish word of the day:
kvinnlig -adjective I female II womanly, feminine
Because red polish is, in a good way.


  1. I really like OPI Got the Blues for Red... But I HATE OPI polishes... Well, can't have it all.
    Great comparison post. We always want more of these. =)

  2. I feel like I can never have enough red polishes, and your comparison gave me a few new ones to add to the list ;) thanks!


    Roligt! Kiiik!


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