Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday night green eye candy

Do we love greens? Let me hear ya. Come on! Do we love greens?

Well, I, for one, do.

I had an entire wheel with green cremes, that I was going to show you. Then I realized my collection had grown much bigger since I made it. Luckily, I'm never shy when it comes down to painting up new wheels! But first, here is a group shot of my babies.

All my green cremes would no longer fit on one single wheel, so I had to do some grouping. Here are 18 of my non-brownish, non-neon green cremes.

Actually, I lied. That last statement wasn't correct. First, a couple really bright, almost neon-y polishes snuck into this line. Second, the lineup in the photo holds an imposter. She was later sent off to be replaced by the individual with the rightful owner of that spot.

But now... Drumroll, please!

Ladies and ladies, may I present to you... After a long, hard birth... The wheel of green cremes!

1. Pure Ice Wild Thing
2. Misa Green With Envy
3. Orly Mint Mojito
4. Essence Check Me Out
5. OPI Green-wich Village
6. Orgasm I Dare You!
7. OPI Jade is the New Black
8. Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit
9. BB Couture Poison Ivy
10. Nubar Forest
11. Illamasqua Rampage
12. BB Couture Green Goblin
13. Orly Enchanted Forest
14. American Apparel Hunter
15. Nfu Oh 569
16. Zoya Envy
17. OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow
18. Sephora by OPI Dark Room

I had to shoot this wheel in the sun, since the last few colors are so dark, they tend to look black in most light. This way, we can actually tell they are greens. Though, I have found before that Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow and Envy are dupes, and Enchanted Forest and Hunter are exact dupes. Among the rest, there are differences, even though they may be small and if you are not as big a fan of green cremes as I am, you won't need them all.

In the darker part of the wheel, you will find my absolute favourite pedicure colors. My top two pedis of all time are, in no particular order, Green Goblin and Enchanted Forest. Not only do I think creme is the most flattering pedi finish, these green cremes are flattering among the flattering.

Some time ago, a member of the Makeupalley nail board asked me where I do my shots, what light is beneficial and how I do it during the winter. The answers are: in my bedroom window, about 10 to 20 centimeters from the actual glass, where the light spreads fairly evenly. My window is my lightbox. Even when the skies are heavy with fallish clouds, I sometimes manage to shoot my NOTDs in a reasonably fast shutter speed.

This is how the light came flooding in this morning! Sunbeams honoured me with their presence, which is of course great for shooting shimmer polishes.

Not too rarely, I'm accompanied by one of the kids, namely the four-legged, furry one. Here on his way up to... Where?

The exact same spot where I take my photos, is also one of his absolute favourite spots to hang around, watching the hood. So, a bit of competition there, and definitely a reason why my pictures often contain cat hair...

On yur bedrum dressirs, playsing mai hair on yur nail care prodects

Please note that my bedroom walls are almost You Don't Know Jacques! colored. I would like to point out two things about that. 1. I picked the color before my nail polish obsessing days. 2. This was fall '08, simultaneously with the release of OPIs La Collection de France. How great is my sense for color trends?! Just bragging a bit. ;)

Swedish word of the day:
svartvit -adjective black and white
Because Stöj is.


  1. Ooooooh, I love greeeeen! those polishes are awesome!

  2. LOVE all these greens!!! And love your kitty! =)


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