Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pawlish for claws!

Back with some more discontinued collectibles!


I felt the need to own these. I think you understand why. If not, take another look at the name of my blog. And if you have visited before, you may be aware that I am a huge friend of animals, especially furry ones with four clawed paws.

Yes, I had to own these. And thanks to the online resource also known as evilbay, now I do! Just look:

OPI Pawlish: Yuppy Puppy, Fire Hydrant Red, Mutt's New?, Doghouse Blues, Bow Wow!.

As you may know, these were designed to be used on pets, and supposed to be fast drying and opaque in one coat. Anything else would be kinda tricky with a dog-sized brain...

Let's try those statements. Please excuse the not very awesome photos, I got a little carried away after opening my mailbox. And yes, I have broken off a corner on my middle. Crap.

And the thumbnail- not often seen!

Good at one coat? Nah...

What if we add another one?

Better, but still not very good...

What about a third coat?

Yeah, sure, I can live with that!

But seriously, I didn't exactly buy these to actually use them. They are meant to stand on top of my Helmers and look pretty. And I am really happy over these! They make me feel all tingly. Oh yes.

Tomorrow is my last day at ass wiping work! Yay!

Swedish word of the day:
tass -noun paw


  1. Those are really cute colors!

  2. How cute! I want some for my doggie.

  3. Not really opaque in one coat. Red one looks good with only one coat. And silver with two. And blue one with three. But I don't care for the green and purple one. =)
    Our chihuahuas would bite my head off if I came too close with this pawlish polish.

  4. Thanks for posting these! We just got a puppy and I was looking at these but her claws are black- no way would these work out!

  5. nihrida: Yeah, I am not a friend of ridiculous grooming of animals- what's in it for them? I think humans should keep their vanities to themselves. ;)

    l0verlada: Oh, the silver sure would! It's a foil, would be awesome on black claws too. ;)


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