Monday, February 22, 2010

Purple shimmer comparison

You wouldn't believe it- I have a day off! Fantastic. This means I have some actual, physical time to do a blog post. I just edited a shitload of comparison photos, so believe me, I have many coming up for you! Right now, this seems to be the huge comparison Mekka.

Today I have an almost full wheel of one color group I can seldom resist: purple shimmers. I have many more than the ones on this wheel, but they didn't fit in this bunch, as I tried to gather the ones I feel are the most typical and sometimes hard to tell apart. Though, are they really that much alike..? Let us take a look.

Here are the fifteen bottles I picked out this time.

And here they are, lined up after being judged by approximate bottle color.

First, let's take a look at one coat only. This is when they are usually the easiest to tell apart.

Clockwise, they are:
12. H&M Fashionista
13. Zoya Savita
14. Wet'n'Wild Eggplant Frost
15. Color Club Taboo!
16. LA Girl Rock Star Groupie
17. OPI Ink
18. Ciaté Starlet
1. China Glaze Midnight Ride
2. Essie Sexy Divide
3. H&M Wicked Purple
4. China Glaze Let's Groove
5. OPI Visions of Sugarplum
6. H&M Goddess on Stage
7. Zoya Yasmeen
8. Zoya Sloane

Sloane is really reddish, but has some kind of magenta or purple shimmer that slightly transforms it into a purple, so I threw it in here. Eggplant Frost is also mostly borderlining a plum shade, but the shimmer makes it appear rather purple, in my opinion, so it got to fit in here too! Because, frankly, let's take a look at the finished product. And... Um... Yes, this problem with awkward numbering seems to be haunting me. Please excuse that!

And to clarify things a little bit more, a fugly direct sunshine shot:

No, you don't get to see my by elderly care destroyed thumbnail!

Last, I think we should take a closer look at some of the best ones, in the same range, to see the little differences. Here, from left to right, we have Color Club Taboo! from the Master of Disguise Halloween mini set, LA Girl Rock Star Groupie, and OPI Ink.

See? Taboo! has the finest shimmer, Groupie is the most duochrome, and Ink... Well, it is the classic one. You can't tell from this shot, but it is also the only one with a charcoal base color. You can trace the base colors of all of them in the first wheel photo.

Oh, did you see my kitchen table in the first few shots?

I know, I know... And I was going to keep all my nastiness to where my seat is, but... As it turns out, I failed this mission. So now there are little dollops of color everywhere... Ahem...

Swedish word of the day:
vargavinter -noun from varg wolf and vinter winter really fucking ass freezing mid-winter
Because last night was the coldest yet this season.


  1. Yeah, a dangerous posting! I have few of these, and now I want the rest of them :-D

  2. I love Sloane and Groupie... luckily I have both, or I'm sure I'd have some new lemmings after this post. Thanks for taking the time to do this comparison!

  3. gah! I want them all! purple is my favorite

  4. Love purples! I have only 5 of them, but there are also some on the wishlist. =)

  5. I think your kitchen table looks pretty. But I do paint on top of a piece of cardboard just to prevent that.


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