Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's in your stash?

I have a weakness. I love stash photos. Be it shashes of polish, eye shadows, shoes, perfumes... I love seeing how people keep their most treasured collections. How they arrange it, if it is in color order, brand order, alphabetical, size... I guess there are almost as many ways as there is collectors of things!

Lately, nihrida has been posting a series of stash in-depth reports, and others have done so many times before. I love it both like that, neatly put side by side, and the totally random, chaotic stash keeping in huge plastic bins, all over the place and such.

Of course I am going to show you mine too. I am one of the regular chicks with Helmers. But not until recently! I was procrastinating getting one for so long I had to get two. Thankfully, they're cheap. And if there was a diploma for building IKEA furniture, I would have one, with a golden ribbon on it. (Hey, I'm Swedish!)

Let me guide you through my... ehm... stash closet.


Stacks of wheels and part of my Nubar Moodies collection. A few of them are on the run somewhere...

A little basket of blue cremes, saved up for later comparison purposes...

Left Helmer, top drawer: misc tools and sets, and treatments, basecoats, topcoats! (I can also tell one of the Moodies have wandered off to this drawer...)

Left Helmer, second drawer: wheels and nailart stuff.

Left Helmer, third drawer: untrieds drawer no 1...

Left Helmer, fourth drawer was at the time empty, but is now untrieds drawer no 2...

Left Helmer, fifth drawer: untrieds drawer no 3: colors I sorted out early fall, because I found them too summery...

Left Helmer, bottom drawer: ... ehm... ehh... frankens drawer. Not very full. The box in the back is more filled, it's the one containing failed frankens!

Right Helmer, top drawer: China Glazes!

Right Helmer, second drawer: OPIs.

Right Helmer, third drawer: various brands, round bottles (yeah, yeah).

Right Helmer, fourth drawer: various brands, square bottles.

Right Helmer, fifth drawer: misc bottles, more expensive brands (yeah yeah again!).

Right Helmer, bottom drawer: misc bottles, cheaper brands:

Yep, that is all. At least I have come a long way since I was keeping my stash all over- trieds in the closet, untrieds on top of my bedroom dressers. And if you keep in mind that I get very, very little for free, since I'm not fashionable, I sure have collected quite a lot in just less than a year!

I have to admit I am very fond of my stash, and the fact that I am actually collecting anything at all. I don't believe in astrology, but nonetheless I am very much a Gemini in terms of being totally undecided, and easily losing interest, often having a change of heart. I jump from one thing from another, unable to fully finish stuff, including my own little hobbies. They last until they aren't exciting anymore. This far, polish is still nerve-wreckingly thrilling!

Swedish word of the day:
samlare -noun collector
Because I know both you and I are.


  1. I love looking at other people's stashes as well! You have a great collection! How many polishes do you have, if I may ask? :)

  2. I love stash pictures too. My stash has gone through so many phases it has it's own tag on my blog LOL! I've requested a 3rd Helmer for my birthday this summer, & I'm planning another stash post once I've put a bigger dent in my untrieds (Untrieds are currently in shoeboxes, they go in the Helmer after my mom or I have worn them).

  3. Oh yes, I love stash posts! As I don't have an Ikea anywhere in my area, and shipping tends to get pricey, I went the way of the "melmer" instead, and I'm pretty pleased with them. I'm about to purchase two more of them today! Once I get them put together, I think I will completely rearrange my polishes again. ;) It's fun!
    I LOVE your stash! Everyone does things so differently.

  4. I also love to see stashes. Keeping them in file cabinets is a great idea!

  5. OMG! *drools* I want comparison photos!!! And post about those Moodies...and more comparison photos! Love your stash! *drooling goes out of control*

  6. Daph_: According to my spreadsheet (yes, I keep one, haha), I have around 450 bottles. A few of them are decants though, and some minis, of course. But I count every color. ;)

    Colette: Gotta go check your stash posts out after this! :D

    Nicole: I vaguely recall reading about "melmers" somewhere. I'm sure they're a great alternative to Helmers! From what I understand, the US has plenty of stores that carry great drawers, bins and cabinets for storage- you lucky people! :D

    nihrida: You know dear, if you specify maybe I can grant your wishes. ;) The Moodies... I just posted on them. :)

  7. You are very organized! I am too really but I have too little space for my stuff. I am in the progress of doing something about that though. ;)
    Great post! <3

  8. great stash, thank you for sharing =) I love your blog, it's so friendly around here!
    by the way, I kinda adapted your "Swedish word of the day" to Turkish, you can see it on the sidebar of my blog. I hope you don't mind!
    Love <3

  9. I love stash pictures too, and mine pales in comparison to yours and others...but it's mine. :)
    Oh and I tagged you!


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