Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sheer me up with a pretty polish!

Jeez, am I glad I have stuff prepared, for I am beat! Worked my first day at the community for the elderly today, 8 to 5, and I am sooo... Tired. Let me tell you, it sure is hard work the ladies are doing there, it's a shame about their salaries, for they are way to low compared to the amount of work they do!

Came home to obscene amounts of Chinese spam comments in one of my other blogs (the one with food contents), so unfortunately, as a precaution, I had to activate word verification for posting comments on this blog too. I hope you, my dear readers, aren't too annoyed by this, and will give me all your nice comments anyway! They certainly cheer my day up a lot.

Now on topic: While swatching sheers the other day, I tried on a Sally Hansen I got off ebay. It seemed nice by itself...

...but all that nice glitter, and the seemingly duochrome properties, made me want to try it over black.

I dare say this is a very good alternative to those CND Effects. So is many other sheer shimmers!

Now I'll go back to deleting Chinese spam comments.

Swedish word of the day:
sjukvård -noun health care
Because I'm in it.


  1. Ugh, hate those spam comments. I found even word verification didn't even stop them. That polish is beautiful, by the way. Love sheers like that.

  2. That is a gorgeous polish! I hate spam.

  3. Oh that is cool!
    I loves duochromes! I do...

  4. PerryPie: Oh noes, I hope I will be spared in the future though... I did NOT enjoy deleting 350 comments - manually! :/


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