Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The art of swatching

Less than two days of naked nails, and I am already bored and bothered. I miss my polish. I miss sitting down doing a manicure. I miss something pretty to look down on when I'm bored.

So I thought, what the hell, let's do some light or sheer, and I'll take it off before I go to bed tonight (since I'm working tomorrow). Light or sheer, because I highly doubt that I can live with these shorties in one of my usual, bolder color choices.

I picked out five random sheers from my untrieds drawer, then tried to make first the significant other, then the dear daughter, pick one of them out for me. Daughter picked one, and right after I decided to just swatch all of the ones I had picked out instead, but of course, to honor the deal, I started with the one the daughter picked. You're not gonna see it, 'cause it was Essie Cabi-O-Lait, and still at three coats this old formula color was streaky. After a completely useless application of another Essie, Vinyl Bikini, I tried this:

I really like this one! I think I may actually wear it sometime.

Swedish word of the day:
uttråkad -adjective bored
Because I am.


  1. That's pretty! Must put that on my wishlist.. Thanks for posting this!

  2. That is a lovely color on you!

  3. This is really pretty. I wish my natural nails looked like yours. Ive been wearing acrylics for YEARS!

  4. Hey, short nails are great for dramatic polishes. Go vampy! You don't have to stick with nudes or sheers.

  5. You started with one of my favorite sheers.
    And you go and ROCK those vampies and brights! You can do it with nubbins!

  6. L: Thank you so much! You should have seen my nails only a year ago though... Horrible. I'm sure you can make your natural nails look gorgeous too - but it takes time and effort!

    jaljen: Thanks for being supportive. :D There are actually a vampy coming up soon...

    Claudia: Aww, thanks for boosting me! <3 I'm trying hard on my days off! :D


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