Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bella's Choice

Apparently, this is Bella's choice. Who the hell is Bella? Well, I certainly wouldn't know- I know nothing about fashion, or, at least not to the extent that I'm sure of it, or really care. My worst fear is that the name is alluding on Swedish fashion blogger Isabella Löwengrip, also known as Blondinbella, and that would be just disgusting, if you ask me, but hopefully, this is another Bella's choice.

One of my dear polishing sisters reminded me of this one the other day, it seems as those who have a hard time obtaining H&M polishes are rather keen on this one, so I thought maybe I should try it even though I'm not crazy about colors like these, and also, with the small means I have got, try a comparison to maybe be able to kill a lemming or two. You know, since I'm not in the grand states of the New World, I have a rather hard time obtaining many polishes myself, so if it's one feeling I know, it's the one of wanting something you can not get. If we are all lucky, you won't any longer be craving Bella after this. Which is even better if she's the blonde blogger. (Yes, I know it's apparent I don't like her very much.)

Bella's Choice was one of those polishes really difficult to get color accurate in photos. As usual, I tried a gazillion different camera settings to get it right, but those of you who ever tried photographing a saturated pastel knows... It is HARD. In the end, I found that direct daylight compromised the color accuracy a lot. So I went further into my bedroom, away from the window, which of course gave hell of a slow shutter speed. But I managed to get this one photo decent, and I have color corrected it a bit more in Photoshop. The color is close, but a tad darker, less glowing, in reality.

So, on to my tiny tiny bottle comparison. It consists of the only close matches I have got, and all I have gotten recently, because, frankly, I'm not really into this type of colors. The contestants are China Glaze For Audrey, Bella, and China Glaze Flyin' High from the current Up & Away collection.

Bella's Choice is slightly greener than both, more saturated than For Audrey. Maybe you, my dear readers, with the help of this comparison can come up with an even closer match? If you do, please help your polish loving sisters by leaving a comment!

I am also thinking, maybe you would be able to franken this. If you mix your For Audrey with just a couple drops of Flyin' High, and then even lesser drops of a saturated green..?

I have to say, even though this color isn't one of my regular ones, it really did cheer me up a lot when I put it on yesterday. Initially, I did a typical hit or miss glitter layering manicure, and yes, it was a miss, so I put on Bella's Choice instead. Now I feel much more inspired! I have been editing a bunch of photos, and I have a couple of more comparison themes planned up. I went through my stash late last night and found loads and loads of colors in the same range, that I thought I would show you later on.

Please let me know if you are interested in any particular comparisons! I really enjoy making them.

Swedish word of the day:
söndagsångest -noun sunday anxiety
Because it is common the day before a new week of work...


  1. Thank you for killing my lemming =) I just love your blog, by the way! =D

  2. OMG! It looks awesome. And no, you didn't manage to kill my lemming. I've been really into mints and other pastels lately and I can't get enough.
    I think Bella looks wonderful on you and your nails look gorgeous ever this short. And about the name: maybe it's Bella from Twilight movie. Maybe. I don't know.

  3. It looks pretty awesome actually! Love all the three colours you are comparing. I don't own any colours in this range so any of them would probably make me happy. Might pick the H&M one up, looks very nice for spring! Suits you very well also, even if it's not "your cup of tea".

  4. Trincess: You're welcome, and thank you! :D

    nihrida: Typical, huh? Maybe we can do something about that.. ;)

    Steelnpurple: I think you should, or, I bet For Audrey would be beautiful on you! <3


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