Friday, January 15, 2010

First post! BB Couture Redwood Forest and RBL Scrangie

Welcome to my modest contribution to the nail blogosphere! Modest, indeed, as I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to bring you the latest, the hottest or the trendiest in nail polish. No, this is merely my own little corner of nail polish admiration. Just staring at my polish, which is a bit like staring at the ceiling, only prettier. Now, I have no intention of giving you endless writings of trend analyses or manufacturer's rumours, but I may occationally, whenever I feel like it, share some random thoughts on... well, whatever I like, actually. Most of you will just scroll down to the images anyway!

I'd like to start out this nail blogging endeavour by brown-nosing a couple of our most loved and popular bloggers, posting some photos of their signature shades, which I've tried on over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, winter wasn't nice to me, and rewarded my attempts at catching the perfect vibe of these polishes with unforgiving overcast. Overcast, well, it doesn't begin to describe the lack of illumination the winter so kindly sweeps us into.

But hey, what better way to start a new blog than doing it the worst possible way?! Here are my not so lucious photos.

First off: Redwood Forest, the emerald green shimmer, or perhaps micro glitter, composed by Kelly of Vampy Varnish. Kelly was teasing us for a while by letting us know she had a surprise, that evidently made her about to burst, but she managed to keep this a secret until the actual release day! 6 shades which she had composed in collaboration with BB Couture, all astonishingly beautiful and original- the very idea behind the collection: creating polishes that Kelly felt did not exist, but that she would like to wear. Luckily, Kelly is a fine woman of good taste and invented shades that many of us would like to wear as well!

Second: the only polish I have worn for more than 48 hours thus far: Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. I loved it so much I had to do a touch up for the first time ever, just because I wasn't ready to be separated from this lovely manicure just yet. You already know this since long, but Scrangie created this shade in collaboration with Ji Baek, the creative mastermind behind the RBL range, as part of the 3-piece nail polish blogger collection, released quite a while ago. Scrangie has said herself that she wanted to capture the coloring of a beetle's wing, and I think she did a damn fine job. This polish is completely unique, and very complex. Depending on the number of added coats, the purple base will slightly change its tone. In some light it seems reddish, but once you add another coat, it will deepen, finally getting a more blue tone because of the amazing, irregular iridescent aqua shimmer.

You may ask yourselves what the purpose of this very blog really is. Honestly, I do the same. There is absolutely no need for competition. The ever expanding nail polish community offers a wide range of fantastic blogs, in which we may know pretty much anything we desire. I would rather read someone else's blog myself. And I do. I just have a weird need for proper documentation. And I just went back to school (at 29!), so what better thing to do than starting a new project to create distraction in a time when studies are supposed to get my complete attention?! In addition to this, I just like writing. Simple as that. And this is a supreme way of brushing the English vocabulary and grammar, for a girl that seldom leaves her (non-English speaking) homeland.

Some of you may or may not also know that yours truly is of Swedish origin. Yet, this blog appears to be in English... Have no fear, though, for I will constantly feed you all things Swedish! Muhaha! In fact, I intend to give you a completely random, not very useful, Swedish vocabulary. Starting below.

Swedish word/expression of the day:
kattutställning -noun cat show
Because Swedes like long words, and putting them together.


  1. Yeah, finally! Kände precis att det började bli ont om nagelbloggar ;)Nu måste jag ju lära mig att fota så att jag kan bidra med gästinlägg. Bidrar tills dess med mitt längsta ord på svenska: hyponervakustiskadiafragmakontravibrationer


  2. Fast det måste ju förstås vara mellanrum mellan hyponerakustiska och diafragmakontravibrationer så det blir ju två ord... Jaja...

  3. I just love to see new promising blogs. =) I'm so glad you decided to make your own, Feline! Congrats!
    First of all - I hope you'll have fun with this blog. And I wouldn't mind seeing some Swedish recipes here either. I love north and I'd love to get to know your country better.
    What are you talking about not having luscious photos?! I was admiring them on MUA and I'm gonna admire them here! They're gorgeous! And both Redwood Forest & Scrangie looks astonishing on your nails. Your english is already superb, but I know what you mean. =) Hope you'll have a lot of fun with this blog and I'm sure you'll have a ton of readers too. =)

  4. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
    It. Rocks.
    hm that's not very objective, right?
    Like the 'mission', like the layout, and the Swedish Word a Day MUST be a daily feature even if you don't post NP pics everyday.
    Would appreciate a spectator stand (followers-thingy).
    btw we like to make looooooooooong words too xD

  5. Anonymous: Attans. :) Ytterligare ett bra ord, men inte så långt...

    nihrida: Thanks for the praise! :D The recipes will stay in the food blog, though. :) And both food and nail polish is just SO much easier to photograph when we have more than 2 sun hours a month... xD

    aniploish: Yeah, you Dutch people sure have a weird language! Many voooweeels... xD Glad you like the overall weirdness of my stuff!

  6. Hi! I just found your blog and... now I have so many new lemmings. Jeez. Amazing pics!

  7. Scrangie is a great color indeed!
    A shame RBL are so expensive...

  8. So fun to read your first post ))) I like the Swedish expression - very clever


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