Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Night Before next day

How about a lovely purple shimmer? Night Before from Rimmel is just that.

Did I do three coats? Possibly, probably, most likely. In the bottle, this shimmer is slightly multichrome, but it's unfortunately not apparent on the nail. But what the heck, it's still a superb purple shimmer, so let's just leave it at that. If there was ever a disappointment, it was only very small. While the gold to green properties are hard to see (especialy the latter), the pink is still in nice contrast with the blurple base. I'm very fond of that type of purple.

In fact, I never seem to get tired of darker, purple shimmers. They are, in most cases, mesmerizing and classy. While swatching my entire collection of polishes (more on that another day), I came to realize that purple shimmers is by far the largest color group in it. And still I am buying more.

What is your relation to purple shimmers?

This product was acquired through swapping.

Swedish expression of the day:
kvällen innan the night before
Every day has one.


  1. I love polishes like this one too, and will probably continue buying similar shades :P

  2. Purple shimmers are a weakness of mine... I want this :|

  3. As for me this shade and finish is very ellegant and a little bit misterious. I like colours like that!

  4. One of my favorite purples out of my whole collection. Had mine forever so bummed that they no longer sell this I haven't used it in sooo long because I don't want to use it up. LOL. This post is making me want to put it on though. =D


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