Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Invoke the Dreamy God Scratches!

I have all these miscellaneous Darling Diva Polish photos lying around my files, and thought I should publish them together since they are mostly single shots or badly lit or flash lit or all of the above. Darling Diva Polish is the independent brand I have by far the most polishes from, and I have actually worn most of them. That's why it's a recurring brand among my posts, and that's why I have all these doggybag sorta leftovers - I know this blog is already drowning in the Darling Divas!

First up, a special for Halloween, the very special glow in the dark glitter Invoke the Spirit.

For some reason I wasn't happy with these photos back when I took them (before Halloween, actually!), but looking at them now I don't know why. As you can tell from the top photo, it is very gritty though, and the grit is the glow in the dark particles themselves. The base is tinted in a murky gray, but it needed to be layered. I can't remember over what polish I put it, but my bet is on China Glaze Calypso Blue (one of my favourites). In the second photo I have a shitload of topcoat on. This polish is very very special with its halfmoons, "fullmoons" and stars, and the glow int he dark of course. I have no photos of the effect, apparently, but these large grains manage to sustain their glowing for hours. I remember pulling the duvet over my head when I went to bed, just to look at the glow in total darkness.

Once upon a time very long ago, Carrie of Darling Diva made a gold glitter holographic polish that she named Stripper Pole. I liked the idea, but I'm not a golds girl, so I asked her if she was thinking of doing one in silver as well. She did, and named it Kitty Scratches:

I think this was two coats, and it's flash lit because I put it on for work. Nothing like a little glamour in the middle of the night, eh?

Darling Diva Polish first got my attention when I found out Carrie was making an entire Battlestar Galactica themed collection. I can't remember the last time I've been so enthusiastic about a release, and eventually when I had the polishes in my possession, I spent hours and hours looking for the perfect pictures to go with my swatches, to create the perfect blog posts. One of my favourites was Angel of God, and I have used it for several purposes again and again. Here I have sandwiched it between layers of Verity Deep Violet.

Last but not least, we all need a good holo topcoat to "holofy" our favourite colors, right? Darling Diva Polish has Dreamy.

I have forgotten what my base color was here. But it sure became holo.

Of these, the only one still available is Dreamy. On the other hand, Carrie continues to be super creative, so her shop is, like always, full of different shades and finishes.

Invoke the Spirit and Angel of God were purchased with own funds.
Kitty Scratches and Dreamy were personal gifts.

Swedish word of the day:
diverse -adjective miscellaneous
Our lives are full of it.


  1. The second one is really, really pretty! (:

  2. GNghngnnghgngngnhghngnsjdfhjse hfkjsd ks gahhhhh vad SNYGGA

  3. Jag gillar Angel of God oväntat mycket i den där kombon!


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