Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Depend fall swatches

This is my street today:

You get the picture - pun intended. I still felt like swatching some of the new Depends, because, frankly, I'm not sure they really need sunlight. Also, there practically isn't any in Depend's native country anyway, at least not during the season these were intended for.

Instead of showing them in number order, I'm posting them in the order they were swatched. You'll see I chose to swatch a specific group of this collection - those weird frosty ones, who all dry semi-matte.

259. Forest green shimmer. Thinner than I expected, so this is three coats. Expected not to like it very much, but in reality it does look kind of fierce. The finish isn't all that disturbing - if you can handle for example China Glaze Gussied Up Green, you can handle this. The few brush strokes aren't that apparent in an average situation.

262. Black frosty shimmer. Needed two coats. Dries pretty stroke free. Actually a rather nice black. Might come handy on a really gothic day.

253. Mauve sort of frosty purple. I can't decide whether this color is very granny-like or if it's kind of cool. Not cool is the formula. While the green was thinner than expected, the black was good, this one is trouble. It's too thick and doesn't level out, so I still ended up using three coats and it's still uneven, which you can tell from these photos.

253. Greige, edgy nude sort of color. Here's a twist: this one is fairly thin in pigmentation, but is still troublesome to apply. You can tell it's uneven. Maybe had I allowed a wider time frame for drying, it could have ended up better. If you intend to do a thin coat, the polish won't distribute all over the nail, and if you then try a little more product on the brush, it just becomes thick where you land it, still distribute unevenly, and may even end up bubbling a bit. I think I'll try it again though, because this is pretty much as "nude" as I go, and also, it has almost killed my lemming for Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. Maybe not that close in color or finish, but enough to make a decent substitute for me.

Now, what I'm wondering is if Depend really intended these to dry so un-glossy. From the previous two collections or so, this kind of shimmer has been more or less present, and they always dry like this when Depend makes them. If it's not intended, I don't know what they're up to, but if so, I think it's kind of cool. I like the finish of these even though it's closely reminiscent of a frost. But I will under no circumstances put a topcoat on! I fear that will make them look way less good. The black one would make a good color to slap on when one's in a hurry but the others may need some more drying time. Not that they dry that slow at all, but considered the sometimes troubled formula of the lighter ones.

As an addition, instead of doing a swatch in this pervertedly grey weather, I decided to do a quick comparison of the green creme. A swatch would probably just come out weird considered the lighting conditions, so here's something even worse: a flash lit wheel.

I took out two other Swedish colors that I could imagine would be in the same vein - greyed green creme, but not olive - namely H&M Hunt Me Down and IsaDora In the Army.

Flash from a farther distance: Hunt Me Down, 260, In the Army.

And closer, to overexpose the colors:

So, the Depend is way greener, less yellow or brown. I have no other ideas of what to compare it to, but apparently, it's not as terribly dupey as I first expected.

And to those of you waiting for additional Muppets, I want to wait for some sunbeams before swatching glitters. I think you'll get ore out of them, that way!

Swedish word of the day:
pannkaka -noun pancake
Just had some for dinner...


  1. Oh my goodness. They are gorgeous colors!!!!! I especially love Depend 262!!! Thanks a bunch for the awesome swatches!


  2. I like 259, but it looks grey to me. I can't see green no matter how hard I try. :/ It reminds me of Manglaze's Fuggen Ugly.
    262 is a winner. I love the way it looks.

  3. I quite like these! Especially 253--I can't think of anything I have like that.

  4. De ser ju fina ut! Blev lite sugen!

  5. 259 and 262 look really nice, I just might need them ;P

  6. Like them all - they are all good ones to turn to when you cannot be bothered with your polish clashing with anything you put on to wear for days. Maybe some day we will see this brand in the states.

  7. You're evil, you gave me cravings! :D But I love you anyways. <3

  8. I love the first colour... it's like a dark teal
    so pretty!

  9. Beautiful colors and the finish just fits them :)

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