Monday, September 12, 2011

Readers' choice: comparisons!

Oh my! I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing, but I'll try to write down a somewhat coherent post anyway. Been working the night shift (11+ hours), and after that slept all day. And now I'm about to apologize for this way overdue post, too. I have gathered a few comparisons you have been asking for, and this is it.

First, PlatinumV asked me a long time ago to do a comparison of shimmers in the petrol spectrum. Well, I can only hope PlatinumV and I are on the same wavelength, because these are the colors I could come up with that "felt right" (yes!).

Check out the wheel, in shade, and in sun:

1. OPI Austin-tateous Turqouise
2. Essence Blue Ray
3. China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic
4. Misa Quirky Smile
5. CHI Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn
6. LA Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica
7. Boots 17 Exquisite
8. NYX Jungle

Some are apparently more blue than others, and I brought in the OPI mostly for reference - I don't feel like it fits this bunch. Unfortunately it has been so long since this wheel was done that I don't remember if I was consistent throughout with the number of coats, or if I used to have in my head which ones needed more coating than the others... But I do know that the NYX is slightly jellyish and this is three coats, which is also the case with both the Boots 17 bottle, and the LA Girl, where the product is rather sheer.

I still hope this is what PlatinumV wanted to see!

Next, nihrida wants to know how Kiko 337 Viola Pervinca compares to H&M Blue My Mind.

In reverse order:

Yes, this photo is both out of focus and slightly weird in most senses, but I think you'll get the general idea!

jazzqueen64 asked how Ciaté Golden Globe compares to China Glaze Peace on Earth, and this is how:

Same color family for sure, there are some differences, as you can see. Since I'm a collector of this particular type of shade, I don't mind, but perhaps some of you will feel fulfilled owning only one.

I hope these were helpful in some kind of way, and now me and my sad excuse for a brain will retire for the evening. Don't forget you may at any time submit requests on swatches of specific shades, or comparisons! Just email, tweet or MUA PM me.

Swedish word of the day:
pepparkvarn -noun pepper mill
One is standing in front of me while I'm writing...


  1. I LOVE YOU! Thank you very very very very much!!! Those are exactly what I mean for "petroleum blue" and those colours are wonderful! Now I have just a problem... finding them in Italy -_-'
    Thank you very much! :-*

  2. CHI Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn, amazing!

  3. Oh, you poor thing. I hope you're feeling better now and I hope you'll soon get some 'relax time'. Thank you so much for the comparisons, they're always very helpful.
    I immediately clicked on the petrol wheel photo, so I could pick my favorite without seeing the brand... It turns out that my fave is ChG Rodeo Drive. Yeah, ChG fan. =)
    Damn, now I'm gonna have to get that Kiko as well. It's gorgeous. Lemmings...

  4. Thanks a lot for the comparison post!! Love the swatches!!


  5. Love your doing this kind of a blog post! I really enjoy seeing comparisons.

  6. i'm always glad to see some comparison, thanks :-D

  7. Thanks for the comparisons, much appreciated x


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