Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As soft as I get...

After I had Misa Mega Margarita on last week, my nails were a disaster, color-wise. They were green. Even after the polish was gone. Even though I was going to work, where nail polish is a big no-no, I just had to cover my nails to stand the sight of them. I reached for the most neutral untried I could find... And it was Color Club's Wild Orchid.

I believe this was two coats, and of course the sun escaped while I was doing my painting.

Of course I wrecked my manicure while still wet, because I was trying to get my shoes on - not for work though, as I was going to the Viking park with my daughter and niece first! So, since I just wasn't very impressed by this grey, subtle shimmer, I pulled out another "neutral". Which was also another Color Club - Soft as Cashmere.

Three coats. Somewhat sheer, especially for a creme, but here's the thing... I've noticed that Color Club polishes very seldom bubbles when coated excessively. For this manicure, I did one coat on the thinner side, and two thick ones. I had about two bubbles on one of my thumbnails, one that happens to be very ridged and uneven - the rest of my nails were good despite the massive amounts of polish. This impresses me.

What a fool I had been, keeping this one in my untrieds drawer for almost a year, believeing it was too bland for me! I thought it was going to be just another greyish taupe, but hey, it has a greenish tinge to it, which makes it a really nice, wearable and subtle, yet still wicked cool khaki color. This one I did bring to work, and I got compliments on it by my coworkers. That made the alizarine a happy girl, and it only verified my own feeling of absolute love.

Both these were from the Untamed Luxury collection from last fall, and this is usually how long I wait before wearing colors... I know, I know. But I still firmly believe I'm more prone to liking them if I wait until the hype blows over, otherwise, I easily become full by all the photos circulating. And while Wild Orchid may not have fulfilled my needs, Soft as Chasmere certainly did, despite not being very new!

Swedish word of the day:
kashmir -noun cashmere


  1. I still don't do grays. One day, I will put one on and feel the same as you do now, but it won't be soon! lol

  2. I find surprises all the time in my untries that I have passed over a zillion times. Not that old in my untries was the 1 shade out of the Sunshine summer 2011 Zoya collection called Tanzy. I was sure it would look dead on me and I had not figured out what to layer with it yet. Well pulled it out and did my toes in it and wow...with the foggy days we have had on the coast of Northern CA, I have instant sunshine on my toes. Sad you cannot wear polish to work. Years ago my old job was that way (hospital)...no nail polish, perfume, and no no on hooped earrings ever! Days before anyone wore scrubs except in the OR. We could not even wear tennis shoes!

  3. I am not for greys, never was, but this Wild Orchid is really really pretty. Maybee one day...
    Thank you for the nice pictures.
    Just wantet to ask: how do you hold the camera for such an angolation?

  4. Jag är förtjust i båda, kanske lite mer ändå i Wild Orchid faktiskt. Snygga neutraler båda två.

  5. I'm the same way on waiting on wearing colors...I still haven't worn this bad boy! Or ChG's Halloween collection, almost a year later.

  6. I love color of your nails... I think give you a mysterious appeareance, and I want the same too. I'll try to get this color on market tonight.

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