Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rosy Reflection vs Rage

Two rosy foils, OPI Rosy Reflection to the left and Orly Rage to the left:

Rage on index and ring, rosy reflection on middle and pinkie

I think they look more alike in the bottles than on the nails. Rosy Reflection has a cool rosy shade and is more pink than Rage. Rage is warm and more of a coppery pink. No sun in these pictures but at least you can see the differences between the competitors. Which one is the winner in your opinion?

Swedish word of the day
raseri -noun rage
Strange name for this polish right?


  1. Very nice! And I love comparissons! I already have Rage, but it looks like I have to get Rosy Reflection as well. Although that´s not going to be easy, haha

  2. I love polishes with this finish, cannot get enough!

  3. Never thought I'd pick OPI over Orly, but I definitely like Rosy Reflection better. :)

  4. They are very close and I think rosy refection is prettier. I have rage but don't have rosy reflection. When was it released?

  5. The collection is called Reflection Glitters and I think it was released about two years ago but I'm not sure. The collection consists of four polishes:
    http://nailsbodybeauty.se/produkter/opi/nagellack/reflection/ I also got Disco Ball Sparkle and Golden rainbow. Rosy Reflection is available at ebay but it's not cheap...

  6. wow they're really nice. opi makes me think of essence's sparkling dawn


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