Friday, April 9, 2010

Long time lemming out of the way

I love it when I get to borrow polishes from my friends, those polishes that were severe lemmings, difficult to find ones. A while ago when I visited Cammi, my fellow addict and the very person who is largely responsible for making me an addict in the first place, I got to do a manicure with the infamous OPI Cherry Much In Love. I hated it on me. Too bad for a polish that looked so awesome in the bottle...

However, I now had the chance to make another wish come true in a similar way. When my friend Anne, whose hands are pictured a couple of posts down, was visiting yesterday, she brought her bottle of Essie Greenport with her, for me to try (efter I had spent serious amount of time nagging about it).

Et voila!

Overcast today, so only this one photo, sorry.

Come to think about it... I do have another one.

The Stöj, curious as always.

Not sure I like this color on me after all. Maybe that's why I didn't jump onto the whole North Fork collection bandwagon back then. Although, I have to admit I do like to look down on my nails. Like always, it's that damn feeling of novelty...

But maybe I can do without it in my own collection after all?

China Glaze For Audrey, Essie Greenport, H&M Bella's Choice.

Since I wasn't entirely sure about this manicure, I decided to spice it up a bit. This lead me to finally, finally, find some use for my decant bottle of Nfu Oh 48, the pink shimmer flakie.

It's like I added sugar on top. I actually like it! I like this more than just the creme base, at least.

Unfortunately we have a very unforgiving overcast here today, or rain, rather, so my photos aren't exactly top notch.

These flakies are opalescent, just as the others in this series of Nfu Ohs.

And the Stöj was present at this photo shoot as well. Comparing claws:

Iz behind yur curtens, hiding frum yur beybee!

Swedish word of the day:
innesittarväder -noun stay inside weather
Because it is.


  1. I love this report! The pictures and polishes are amazing!

  2. Lol your cat is so cute :D
    You are two cute ladies(right? lol) with claws :D
    OPI Cherry Much In Love works good for me :) Well i only did my nails in this colour once, in christmas, cause the colour is very christmas-ey, but i liked it :)
    And i looove teal-turquiouse trend going on right now. This looks gorgeous :) Esp with "sugar on top" :)

  3. Thanks for mentioning on Vampy Varnish that Depend 170 and MAC Blue India are pretty similar. I saw your comparison pics and managed to find Depend 170 in Helsinki today. It looks great.

  4. I LOVE it with the flakies!!!

  5. I love that color! The flakies make it even better!

  6. VaidaG: Actually, Stöj is a he. :) But in paranthesis! LOL

  7. Great post! Love the polish, photos and Stöj!


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