Thursday, April 15, 2010

A closer look: the greens stash VIII

Oh you betcha you're not getting out of this 'til I'm all done! Today we'll take a look at the mossy and golden greens! Magnify if preferred.

Mossies: Barielle Polished Princess, Nfu Oh 125, Zoya Irene, Max Factor Momentum Moss.

The golden greens: China Glaze Cat's Eye, Maybelline Khaki Fringe, OPI Greenwich Green, Maybelline Golden Khaki, OPI At Your Quebec & Call, Ciaté Golden Globe.

The golden ones you have already seen in a fairly thorough comparison, but just for the sake of continuing posting the entire greens stash...

Swedish word of the moment:
kattöga -noun cat eye
Because I seem to have three at home!


  1. These are so gorgeous. I'm especially jealous of China Glaze Cats Eye

  2. I was hoping to see Zoya's Irene in here somewhere, I love this color!


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