Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charla, I love you!

Further introduction is, I believe, unnecessary.


First, I'd like to say that this color was imposible for me to get correct on photo. It just won't stick. In this case, I'm a bit extra annoyed, because this polish really deserves an accurate depiction. No photos does it justice. I even had to look it up- did anyone else manage? After browsing through about ten other blog posts containing Charla, I realised that she is just as tricky for everyone. She won't show her true face to the camera!

Therefore, my photos aren't the best. Instead, you will just have to take my word for it, when I say that this is the best polish this spring! I am so in love with Charla I may not ever want to take her off!

There are several things that happen once you pick up your camera: the base color turns blue, the glitter particles seem fewer, and the overall impression, especially in the sun, is that this polish is super sheer with a very visible nail line.

The truth is far from it. In three coats, the appearance is opaque, even though you can easily see through your tips if held up to a source if light. The glitter is evenly distributed over the nail in a blindingly manner. And the base color is not blue, it's turquoise, and the glitter, which is golden and not silver like it shows up in some photos, give the impression of a green tint. And this type of glitter reflects light so beautifully, that it gives the polish a sort of duochrome effect, without having duochrome pigments.

As if all this wasn't enough, the formula was a pleasant surprise to me. I have had a lot of problems with the Zoya formula, most apparent when it comes to drying time. Since I knew beforehand I was doing more than two coats of this one, I let each coat dry for about five minutes. With a thin coat of Poshe on top, I had no drying time or smudging issues. I am so relieved! If any of you remember my post about the true beauty Adina, let me say, that if she did not really answer my love, Charla does. Oh yeah, Charla is like a giggly, bubbly, sparkly girlfriend on my nails.

No words, no photos, can tell how truly awesome this polish is in reality. You just have to get it yourselves!

Swedish word of the night:
kärleksaffär -noun love affair
Because I'm having one with Charla!


  1. Please do a post about removing this...it doesn't look like a "typical" glitter...so I'm curious! This is gorgeous though.

  2. Elizabeth: If I ever do take Charla off, I promise to give y'all an update on the removing process! :D

  3. Oh my. I think my tachycardia just got worse. This is just...beyond words! I love it.

    P.S.: I'm now following your SO's blog and when Miranda starts writing her's, let me know! XD I'm such a stalker! *evil laugh* Say hi to Stöj for me. :*

  4. Yay, I got my Charla today as well, I LOVE it so much! Really gonna need backups of this beauty. (Och baserat på dina bilder så måste jag ha bott i samma område som dig i Väsby för ett par år sen. :) Bor i Bergshamra nu.)

  5. nihrida: Hahah, you little stalker you! I believe you're following my SO's band's blog, though. ;) And I saw you had somehow found my personal blog- how the hell does that one turn out with google translate? xD (Get Charla!)

    Sara: Runby - enda stället i världen. ;) Har bott här sedan -88. Vägrar flytta. xD

  6. I bought this one too because when I saw it in the store, it literally took my breath away. It's such a stunning colour.

  7. What a beauty! The photos look amazing, so I can't imagine how much better it could possibly look in real life. However, what's more amazing to me is how your hands are so beautiful even in close range like this.


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