Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mad in my hat

Mmm, I know you have all seen this one before, but let's look again, shall we?

Insane yet?

This is three coats with two rather thick coats of Diamont on top. It was meant to be my manicure for a day or two, but fter I had applied the first coat of Diamont, I realised that if I let it all dry, I would never, never, get it off. So I panicked and took it off immediately instead... But it was nice while it lasted!

And Mad as a Hatter would have been fitting, because I really do feel a bit deranged. I have been trying to complete a school assignment, due tomorrow, that I have known about for six weeks, but procrastinated the initiation of until today, and this while my head is filled with the thick, filthy substance known as snot. Anyone who ever had a head cold, know that the intention of using one's brain during such is meant to fail. However, I managed to complete my work, but less than two pages took me about four hours! Argh.

Swedish word of the day:
tidsoptimist -noun time optimist
Because, apparently, I am one.


  1. Det där var nog det första fotot av det lacket som sett snyggt ut. Riktigt snyggt. Kanske behövs det just många lager för att suga åt sig all uppmärksamhet från åskådare?

  2. So pretty, but you're so right! Glitters are such a pain in the butt to take off!

  3. schmut: Absolut. Jag är inte den typen som är skitkåt på megaglitter, men om det är fint och opakt kan det bli bra! Skulle iaf passa på röda mattan, men på någon sådan går jag förvisso aldrig. ;)

    Skulle gissa att det även är snyggt i lager över svart, silver och eventuellt någon nyans av lila.

  4. I absolutely looove this polish, Thinking of buying backups so I can wear it untill I'm 80 years old.
    I did a small tutorial about a very easy way to remove glitterpolishe without scrubbing off the polish,, if you are interested you can check it out here:


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