Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection swatches II: the shimmers

You'll never believe me, but the sun payed Sweden a visit last night! I ran out on the balcony for a quick swatching session. Here are the rest of the OPI Swiss Collection, the shimmers.

Glitzerland. Cool gold shimmer. The base is sheer, so this one still isn't really close to opaque after three coats. However, the shimmer itself is rather dense, so it doesn't make an optimal layering color either... No base or topcoat.

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. Wow. Heavy greyish silver microglitter, or dense, large shimmer particles (whichever you prefer) in a sheer charcoal base. In the sun, this one is ridiculously glittery. Sure, it isn't Brand New Skates, but it is among the more decent shimmer polishes for us metal chicks- and all other girls and boys too, of course. Three coats, no base or topcoats.

Diva of Geneva. A... sort of... berry red with gold shimmer. I think? God I suck at describing colors like these. I have never been into them, but I have to admit this one is rather nice. Or, beautiful, actually, but I'm not sure I will actually wear this one. Not because it isn't good enough, it just isn't... me. Really. Three coats, no base or topcoats.

And just to make this post complete, here are the previous ones:

The Color to Watch. Beautiful but sheer. Three coats, full manicure with base and topcoat.

Yodel Me On My Cell. Hard to capture. Teal base with blue shimmer. Three coats, full manicure with base and topcoats.

Cuckoo For This Color. Reswatched, except for the second photo, which shows the manicure made by OPI's nail tech Sara. That one is two coats with base and topcoat, the other photos are three coats without base or top. Had to make this one better justice by showing it with a bit of sunshine on top.

And if you forgot what the cremes looked like, you can take another look.

Verdict on the entire collection? It's not bad, but it's not outstanding either. There are a few really nice colors, but none are exceptionally breathtaking. My favourite among these turned out to be Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. Hadn't The Color to Watch been so painfully sheer, it would have been nice- the shimmer in it is beautiful. None of the cremes are that special, even though the regular crowd will probably find Ski Teal We drop something other than they're used to. I like that there's a green in the collection, although, from a collector's viewpoint, Cuckoo For This Color isn't the most exciting one ever.

I feel that OPI has a bit of a pigmentation problem. From a brand that calls itself a salon brand, I expect to achieve opacity faster than these give. However, the formula is easy to work with, and personally I do like the pro-wide brush, despite having a bit of a fitting problem on my pinky nails.

How do you feel about this collection?

Swedish word of the evening:
ord -noun word
Because "Say a word, Miranda!" -"Wooord!"


  1. great review i appreciate your honest comments at the end!

  2. Ooh these swatches are great, thanks!
    I looove Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! And I agree with you that the collection isn't that outstanding.

  3. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous och Yodel Me on my cell är så fina! Och väldigt fina bilder! :)

  4. I like a few...but im not in love. Still, ill probably end up getting a few!

  5. Vad knepigt det blev nu... Jag tycker felra är vackra nog att jag vill äga dem men jag hatar att måla massor med lager så jag kanske inte kommer använda dem och de är inte så unika... Tur att jag inte behöver bestämma mig just idag. :D

  6. Great swatches! The shimmer in Colour to Watch reminds me of Brand New Skates - which I also loved but was horribly sheer for me

  7. I love Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and will still get that one, but The Color to Watch is off the table at this point.
    And I agree with you. Nothing earth-shattering here, but the collection is okay.

    Thanks for the beautiful swatches and great review!!

  8. Dina swatches är så snygga! Men kollektionen är lite tråkig och tyvärr har man ju sällan tillräckligt med sol för att gå runt med den där bling-effekten hela dagarna - det känns som färgerna kan bli lite platta.

  9. Diva of Geneva, Yodell me on my sell and Cuckoo for this color are amazing

  10. These colors are pretty, and I was seriously considering them until the end...and I appreciate the reminder!
    Really, if I pay "Salon" pricing, I expect salon application. I've never been to a salon that does more than 2 coats of color. These fail that test. My but they are pretty though. A few of them might have me overlooking the 3 coat issue. I'm getting spoiled by all the 2 coaters I have now. :)

  11. This collection is going to make me broke !!

  12. These colors are so awesome! I think I like the Cuckoo For This Color best!
    (remember to enter our giveaway!)

  13. You have been tagged!

  14. Thanks for such an honest review. I've noticed that a lot of bloggers who get it for free are all "Oh I love it!" "Overall it's a wonderful collection!" etc...seems a little dishonest to me. These are some really nice colors here, but nothing earth-shattering.

  15. Flera av dem är vackra, men inte så superfantastiska att jag kommer köpa dem, särskilt inte när 8ty8 med flera inte längre säljer OPI. Skimmerlacken tycker jag är betydligt snyggare än krämlacken för övrigt. Men jag är en skimmertjej...

  16. Diva of Geneva is stunning. I must own it!

  17. Great swatches... Really interested in the yodel me on my cell and the silver one....

  18. Glitzerland!!!! I'm a fool for gold & metal polish. This is the one I'll be looking for :) Awesome post!.

  19. Your photography skills are unmatched! Most def one of my absolute faves :) I featured The Color to Watch on my blog and I wanted to come by and give you a heads up and the credit you deserve!


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