Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Sparkly and Advent

Let's take a step back to the present: today is of course the first of Advent, and before we bring out the summer polishes, maybe we should sit back end enjoy the holidays. I haven't shown you very much of the Mariah Carey holiday collection from OPI, but here's one I truly enjoyed - slightly different. All Sparkly And Gold.

Hmm, yeah, it was a rather dark day that one, and yes, my All Sparkly And Gold manicure may look a bit different compared to other ones you've seen, 'cause I just skipped the topcoat. It surely is meant to be worn glossy, but I soon found that without topcoat it's much like any good textured polish. And it still sparkles! At least just as much as any other texture finish. And I quite liked it this way. Antique gold glitter texture... Very nice.

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  1. Det är ju fint med överlack, men fan, det är snyggare utan! Jag måste ha det här va? Va?!


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