Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visions of Love

This year's holiday collection from OPI is Mariah Carey themed, and has a good amount of classic colors. I for one can never get too many red cremes, though they may not be the most fascinating or inventive. Collecting them is a habit, using them is essential. Here's one of the holiday ones, called Visions of Love.

I believe this was two coats, perhaps a bit patchy looking in the sun due to slight jellieness, but let me assure you it's very dark in lower light. It is a very warm one, bordering on brownish, but it is in fact red. Very hot, like all red vampies, of course.

If you feel like you can't get enough of red cremes either, perhaps you should pick it up.

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  1. Uauuu
    so beautiful!!!
    Eva - www.adegadeesmaltes.blogspot.com


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