Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some new A-Englands

Recovered from instagram! As my life has been hectic and messy these last months, I haven't been blogging much. However, that doesn't mean I didn't paint my nails. I've been almost as polish-indulgent as usual, and sometimes I have received fantastic colors in the mail that I've worn pretty much at once. However, I have been slacking a lot when it comes to camera handling. But since I'm a modern day person, I always keep my phone close, and yes, I use instragram frequently.

Last week I had a rough time, and like a godsent, Adina, the mastermind behind A-England, sent me her latest colors. Here are two of them, captured in blur with an iPhone 4S and originally published on instagram.

Briarwood. Brown base with holographic shimmer and red to orange duochrome. Fantastic color.

Love is Enough. Antique, oxidized pale gold foil with olive tones.

I'm sure you've already seen far better swatches of these, but here are mine. And if you would like to follow my rather miscellaneous, Swedish-written instagram account, you can find it under the username alizarine.


  1. Gorgeous colors, wow! Isn't it amazing how well iPhone pictures can come out?

  2. Åh jag äääälskar Briarwood, en underbar varm färg. :-)


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