Sunday, May 26, 2013

Depend's better half

This is not a post on the marital status of a Swedish nail care company, but simply one showing off about half of their summer collection in the form of skittles. Yes, I felt like skittles, for almost several minutes after this manicure was finished.

Did you miss my trademark sideshots? Only my compact camera can manage them.

This instagram picture is actually the fiercest one.

Did you miss the entire nail community's claw pose of the later part of this century's first decade?

So, to sum this up, and to make my point: like so often, Depend uses a recurring finish throughout a large bulk of the collection, and for summer, that is duochrome glassfleck shimmer, woohoo! There are five colored jelly polishes with the afore mentioned finish, as seen in the above photos, and to help all us crazy duochrome ho bitches out there, 1/12 of the collection is a clear layering polish with the same shimmer. Technically, it's multichrome, but mostly visible is the blue to pink range. One may argue, though, that the direct angle color is more aqua, and then moves all the way to golden, via blue, purple, pink and copper. But you'll have to be very forgiving, or very nerdy, to find all that. And most of all, some of the spectrum is buried in the colored bases.

Do these make me a happy alizarine? Of course they do. And unlike all of Depend's specialty collections as of late, these are all regular collection colors, so they retail for the standard price of 25 SEK.

For data purposes, the shades shown above are, from thumb to pinky: 372, 368, 361, 366, and 367. The number of the layering shimmer is 363 - surely you could just snatch that one instead of all the above ones, though I have to say I like the base colors of these also. Very summery, except perhaps for the grey 372, which would perhaps be more fitting on a rainy day (also, the formula of this particular one was a bit icky).

If you're wondering about the rest of the collection, because yes, there are six more polishes, they aren't as exciting and probably won't make it onto photos in the near future. Among others, there is a re-release of a terrible white frost with utter streakiness (no. 38), that I can not for the life of me figure why the Depend peeps would bring back. Then, there are cremes in the spectrum of berry, orange-red, coral, yellow and a sorta 60's semi-pastel green, but less appealing than it sounds. You'll probably be able to find those elsewhere.

These products were sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
sommarregn -noun summer rain
Not that bad after all.


  1. They are all gorgeous colors for summer!

  2. Yay, Depends med det vanliga priset! Det var längesen, och fina dessutom.

  3. Nice collection and they make great skittles!

  4. And I was wondering what depend's other half would look like, if this half is so colorful! Must be a happy marriage :)
    thank you for the claw. I surely hope it will make its come-back soon. (I hope you don't take me serious!)


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