Thursday, March 28, 2013

A lasting Ruby

I got the opportunity to try out a couple of the Orly Smart Gels, and here is one of them: the classic vampy Ruby.

Sex in a bottle - sex that lasts. Perfect red color. But is it the perfect gel color..?

This is four to five thin coats. I do very thin coats when I do gel manicures, to make sure it cures evenly. I think someone less particular than me would do three or four coats. So, a little thinner than I'd like a gel, but in its defense, it is a jelly like color. Though, that doesn't really matter when you're by your lamp, just wishing the color would even out and be opaque enough just a little sooner. Half an hour or so - per hand (yes, I'm overly neat).

I have definitely had more pleasant gel color applications than with Ruby, but once I was done with it and had cured my bad mood, I was very content. After all, it is the red color I've been looking for among gels for quite some time. Considering gels are long wearing enough to get an OCD polishing person like myself utterly bored in a few days, a deep red is classic and fabulous enough to make you slightly less sick of it. The photo above was shot the day after application, but as I write this four days later, it's still wearing strong, and this, I will tell you, is not usual for my thin, soft nails. No lifting, no chipping just yet, which makes me come to the conclusion that the Orly Smart Gels colors work well with my base and top, Harmony Gelish Foundation and Top It Off.

Have you tried any of the Smart Gels? Are you into the gel manicure thing?

This product was sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
rubin -noun ruby
Precious stone.

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