Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's a Jimi Thing

Lots of silence going on in this blog for a wjile now, but I'm planning on improving, at least once I have some time off from work so that I'm allowed to polish my nails! Today's manicure is one I wore before I went back to work after some time off, before I filed all my nails down to match my broken index nail - I don't care, this polish is pretty despite the unfortunate nubbin. It's from the independent brand specialized in duochromes, Lilacquer Polishes, and it's a fantastic multichrome one called Jimi Thing.

In these photos I have applied two coats of Jimi Thing over the blue creme In the Limelight from Color Club. I made the coats fairly thin, and the drying time was pretty much lightning fast. Some of the photos are a bit blurry due to the lighting situation around here, but does it matter? Not much, you can clearly see all the shifting going on anyway: from the direct angle aqua blue/teal-ish, over a sky blue, over to purple and pink.

What's not to love? My only criticism is towards a few lumps of unsolved blue pigments floating around in the bottle, but not even that can stop me from loving this gorgeousness.

You can get Lilacquer Polishes here, though Jimi Thing isn't stocked at the moment - but some other niceties are, including Schrodinger's Catastrophe.

This product was a personal gift.

Swedish word of the day:
sak -noun thing
Simple as that.


  1. That is such a pretty combination. I love that blue and now i really want Jimi Thing as well

  2. Love it!! This mani is so pretty. I find it so elegant and classy. Great pick!

  3. Det är definitivt drägelvarning på detta!


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