Thursday, December 13, 2012

And the curtain falls on OPI Skyfall

What better suited for any venue containing a huge curtain than red? The final post about the OPI Skyfall collection contains all three red hues, but let me tell you this at once: you shouldn'nt attempt photographing red shimmers lit only with the camera flash. It is not pretty, and definitely not accurate. Don't worry though, there are at least two pretty photos of a non-red polish too.

Die Another Day. Two coats. Orange-y red fine shimmer.

Goldeneye. Three coats. Warm gold foil.

The Living Daylights. One coat over Goldeneye. Silver, gold, copper and turquoise blue hexagonal glitters of equal size in clear base.

The Spy Who Loved Me. Two coats. Bright red with gold shimmer.

You Only Live Twice. Two coats. Cool-toned or slightly magenta tinged red jelly with pink glassfleck.

I know you can't make much out of these photos, but I'm sure you have already seen these colors on many other blogs for ages by now. All the red hues are rather standard colors for OPI to put out in their Holiday collection, especially the fuchsia-toned You Only Live Twice, who's had twins and siblings in all the recent years. Without dwelling on the subject, let's say it's not unique although it is pretty. Die Another Day has a finish that we've seen a lot recently, and is much reminiscent of a couple of the shades that came in the Germany collection for fall. Personally I'm not a fan of this fine shimmer, and only occasionally enjoy wearing polishes containing it, and since Die Another Day is orange in tone, it doesn't qualify for those occasions. The Spy Who Loved Me is actually very nice, though perhaps not that inventive.

There are many golden foils, but Goldeneye is a very reflective one. It's also very yellow, and will be hard for some people to wear. In theory, I love it because of how the different sized particles interact to create a seemingly smooth surface (that really isn't, actually), but I rarely enjoy golds and never the more yellow ones. It's also towards the sheerer, and definitely needs its three coats to look good.

The Living Daylights is the disastrous polish of the collection. OPI has picked up on the trend of massive glitters, that is first and foremost supplied by the growing masses of independent polish makers, but they have failed to make it actually look good. All the glitter particles are the same size, and added to that, they are suspended in a clear base, both properties of a rather flat and uninteresting glitter. The combination of colors is definitely a good one, had it been executed differently it might actually have rendered a decent polish. Oh, and I found it hard to apply for an OPI glitter. The glitters were piling upon each other, were hard to distribute evenly, and both full and sparse coverage were hard to achieve nicely. 

All in all, a mediocre collection. Some true hits, some misses, and many in between.

This finally concludes my posts about the Skyfall collection for the 2012 holidays. Already in stores pretty much world wide, so if you haven't yet, go pick out your favourites, since holiday polishes are always limited edition!

You can find previous posts on Skyfall here and here.

All products were sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
mediokritet -adjective mediocrity
Life is full of it.


  1. Try goldeneye over ziv. it becomes more silvery and soft, much better than alone.

  2. These nail colors are so gorgeous! They are all every woman's dream. They look so elegant and classy.


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