Tuesday, October 9, 2012

H for Happy Halloween

H for Happy Hands and Z for Zombies. Enjoy.

This is two so called generous coats of Z for Zombie. Icky green with large red glitter shards, green hexes, and smaller copper bits. Once I saw this polish I could not resist it. A fugly type Halloween polish that really sends a hilarious, obviously gore-y message. A nail tech I know said "that's a damn ugly polish". Mission accomplished.

These glitters are sometimes best applied by putting a large dollop at the center of the nail and then spread it out as if you're buttering sandwiches. If you apply this polish, and ones similar to it, that way, it's no problem at all, but if you try to brush it on, it will be more of a hassle. Once you learn the correct application technique for each type of polish, it's no biggie.

For any of you ghoulish gals out there, Z for Zombies is available in the Happy Hands Etsy store, along with other Halloween themed polishes, as well as non-Halloween shades. Kristi, who is the maker of Happy Hands, is really very creative, so keep an eye on her stuff, now and in the future!

This product was purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
lycklig -adjective happy
Maybe painted nails make you that?


  1. Pretty, My fiance would love this polish LOL!

    Jazz x

  2. Last night I painted my nails with OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me because I felt the sort of sickly green base looked very Halloween-y and I have been LOVING it all day. This polish absolutely blows my mind and would make a great topper for DTBTM!

  3. Wow love the base something unique really perfect for Halloween

  4. oh my word, this is GLORIOUS - i love the clash of colour x

  5. Such a good Zombie colour - love it!

  6. I love Halloween polishes. I think my addiction is getting worse!

    1. Me too. Halloween is the best season for polish!

  7. LOL, I love to wear things like this for special days! Looks as good as it gets on you, though!!


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