Monday, October 8, 2012

Green on green

Remember when I posted about Dare to Wear Poison Ivy? I mentioned that I layered over it later, and that I'd post the outcome another day, and that day is today. What did I do? I just added a subtle sparkle, the very sheer (not even I have the patience to build it up) Comet's Collar from Finger Paints' holiday collection of last year.

It doesn't really look like layering, but this is actually two coats of the Finger Paints over Poison Ivy. Those coats made it totally awesome, though. Poison Ivy is just on the verge of frosty, a little metallic, and prone to brush strokes if you aren't careful upon application. Comet's Collar took care of that and added some depth. I really really liked that.

I don't think I was prepared on the sheerness of Comet's Collar, and I once tried to apply it solo, but took it off before finishing. Scrangie of course made it look just awesome by itself, and apparently used only three coats, but I have a hard time seeing I would have managed that outcome with my bottle. Perhaps there have been different batches with varying formulations. I don't know, but using it this way satisified me enough to keep it as part of my over-abundant stash of greens. But I totally do not get the name. At all.

All products were purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
komet -noun comet
Space thingy.


  1. Oooh gorgeous emerald green!

    Jazz x

  2. From "The Night Before Christmas" Commet is one of the reindeer and would, no doubt, wear a spiffy sparkly collar for his Christmas Eve night run. On Commet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!


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